The cognitive internet for industry

At the IoT-COMMs Research Center, we work on application-oriented technologies

Increasing digitization and networking will present challenges for industry in the long term. In order to rise to these challenges, we are working with various Fraunhofer Institutes to develop technologies for an Internet that benefits from cognitive abilities and secure, networked data spaces.

The IoT-COMMs Research Center is one of three research centers within the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT and spurs on the development of networked, agile, and mobile production systems as well as applications for autonomous driving. We do this by combining and developing the enabling technologies of networking, positioning, and information security.

The research results obtained so far have given rise to the CPS. connect project, which allows constant monitoring of critical parameters in machines and systems within the production process via wirelessly connected sensors that exchange data with the machine in real time. This is particularly important for coordination with the »digital twin«, which allows processes to be optimized during production itself. The integrated measuring technology also reduces the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive processing of the digital model.

In the SmartTool.connect project, a tool holder is equipped with built-in intelligent sensors that use ultrasound technology to ensure improved chip formation and monitor the tool’s condition during the ongoing production process. This improves process efficiency in terms of tool life and costs, and both solutions can easily be retrofitted to existing tools and machines.

One major challenge in the Smart Intersection project is to record traffic situations quickly and assess them correctly at the same time. Using a system known as cooperative environment perception, the smart intersection compiles a 360° environment model of an intersection, classifies the objects within it and their patterns of movement, and relays this information to the vehicles.