Easypilot follow: efficient order picking

Wismit technology simplifies processes during loading and unloading

The Wismit technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS allows
a picking vehicle to follow the picker automatically, hugely simplifying processes during loading and unloading. You can imagine the connection as being like a virtual leash between the human and the machine: Thanks to Wismit positioning, the vehicle stops when the picker stands still and proceeds once they start walking again. This saves time and only requires the picker to carry a sensor in their pocket – leaving their hands free for loading and unloading. Positioning reliability is also ensured even when the vehicle is heavily loaded.

Wismit technology is based on reliable ultra-wideband (UWB) technology that measures the time for the UWB radio signal to travel between the vehicle and the sensor carried by the operator. As a result, it can always determine the position accurately.

After undergoing extensive testing in collaboration with Jungheinrich, easyPILOT Follow is now available as a finished product. The Wismit platform is a hardware system used to evaluate positioning, communication, and identification technologies and can be operated concurrently with various positioning technologies.