Media workflows via internet protocol (IP) networks

JPEG XS SDK available under license for professional production and studio equipment

Among broadcasting stations and media providers, there is an increasingly clear trend toward the IP-based transmission of high-resolution production and contribution content.

This marks the end of an era in which image and video signals are transmitted via SDI using a variety of different networks – even in the studio environment. After all, studios transmit thousands of signals via receivers, video mixers, encoders, decoders, monitors, and numerous other devices. Our developers played a significant role in the development of the new ISO standard known as JPEG XS, which offers a form of compression that is specifically adapted to the transmission of high-resolution image data in the studio context. We now offer the first JPEG XS software development kit (SDK) under license for interested parties. The SDK comes complete

with a CPU-optimized encoder and decoder. Since it utilizes numerous opportunities for parallel processing on CPUs, it is perfectly suited to multicore processors, enabling real-time encoding/decoding of 4k and 8k video streams for high-end applications as well as for integration into cameras and monitors. The software codec is available for licensing to all professional media device manufacturers and for integration into studio equipment from this year onward.