AI enhances tool handling

Cognitive Hand Tools

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Sensors provide feedback about the correct execution of work steps

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AI in the tools supports manual work steps.

Even in the world of highly automated production, there is still no getting around manual work. On the assembly line, the slightest mistake can severely compromise quality, costs and safety. Our AI experts are using machine learning methods to improve this situation.

“Cognitive Hand Tools” is a research and development project that focuses on using intelligent tool technology to support manual work steps. Smart sensors with embedded intelligence interpret individual movements, rotations, vibrations and sounds to provide direct feedback about correct execution. In this way, they help immediately detect, correct and continuously improve missed or flawed work steps during assembly.

Attached easily to standard tools, the sensor modules are a cost-effective way of making existing tools intelligent.

Thanks to a self-learning algorithm, the sensor modules never stop learning, which means they can be used on all kinds of assembly lines and alongside other tools. So without any major programming or costs, assembly workers can perform their tasks with the aid of intelligent tools.