Awards, prizes and appointments

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2020

For their robust, reliable and tamper-proof receiver technology Galileo PRS, Dr. Wolfgang Felber, Dr. Günter Rohmer and Alexander Rügamer received a Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2020.


Power grids, cellular networks, asset tracking: satellite navigation that provides reliable positioning and time information is needed around the globe. All satellite navigation signals that have been freely available so far, such as those transmitted by the American GPS or the Russian GLONASS, are vulnerable to interference, manipulation or in crisis situations even being cut off, whether intentionally or not. Galileo is the world’s first satellite navigation system under civilian control and, with its specially protected Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS), provides a signal that allows authorized users to navigate to positions in time and space safely and reliably – even in crisis situations.


Tamper-proof satellite navigation: Fraunhofer IIS wins Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2020


CELTIC-NEXT Excellence Award 2020

The European research initiative CELTIC-NEXT selected the project team led by Fraunhofer IIS as the winners of its Excellence Award 2020 in the Applications category for their ReICOvAir (Reliable Industrial Communication Over the Air) project.


2020 CNA Innovation Award

The project entitled “Energy-efficient schedule optimization of Nuremberg’s subway network” won the CNA Innovation Award 2020 in the Intelligence for Transportation and Logistics category. The project consortium consisted of Fraunhofer IIS, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg and was led by Dr. Andreas Bärmann from Fraunhofer IIS.


2020 DGZfP User Award

Wolfgang Holub, Chief Engineer at the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT, received the User Award from the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP) for his work in the field of “Robot-based computed tomography on large components in automotive engineering.”


FKTG University Graduate Award

The German TV and Film Technology Society (FKTG) recognized Eva Hasenberger, a member of the Automotive Audio Research group, for her master’s thesis on binauralization in vehicle sound systems.


2020 Doctoral Dissertation Award from the University of Bamberg

Dr. Teena Chakkalayil Hassan received the award for her outstanding dissertation entitled “Towards robust and interpretable practical applications of automatic mental state analysis using a dynamic and hybrid facial action estimation approach.”#


Rainer Markgraf Prize 2020

For her commitment to sharing knowledge between university, research and education, Prof. Ute Schmid, Head of the Project Group for Comprehensible AI at Fraunhofer IIS, was awarded the Rainer Markgraf Prize.


Fraunhofer IIS Research Fellow

In recognition of his many years of collaboration with and support for the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS, Prof. Freimut Bodendorf was named a Fraunhofer IIS Research Fellow. Prof. Bodendorf holds the Chair of Information Systems (Services, Processes, and Intelligence) at the Institute of Information Systems, part of the School of Business, Economics and Society at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.


2020 Fraunhofer IIS Prize for outstanding scientific achievement

Dr. Sascha Disch was honored for his role as an irreplaceable knowledge holder and multiplier in the training of young scientists.


2020 Fraunhofer IIS Prize for research with an outstanding practical application

Michael Geyer was honored for his special achievements in expanding the strategically important licensing business model at Fraunhofer IIS.


Honorary professorship

Prof. Bernhard Grill, Institute Director at Fraunhofer IIS, received an honorary professorship at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).


Honorary professorship

Prof. Siegfried Fößel, a Head of Department at Fraunhofer IIS, was named honorary professor at the University of Television and Film in Munich.


Honoris causa professorship

Johann Hauer was made an honoris causa professor at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.



Prof. Frank Danzinger has been a professor for the subjects of digital business, data-driven business models and innovation spaces at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences since the winter semester 2020/21. He remains closely connected to Fraunhofer IIS in his role as coordinator of the Smart Services business unit at the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS.


Members of Bavarian Council on AI

The following people have been appointed to the Bavarian Council on AI: Prof. Alexander Martin, Director of Fraunhofer IIS;

Prof. Ute Schmid, Head of the Project Group for Comprehensible AI at Fraunhofer IIS; and Prof. Thomas Seidl, Co-leader of the Fraunhofer IIS ADA Lovelace Center at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.