Antenna Measurement Hall

Antenna Measurement Hall

At Fraunhofer IIS’s state-of-the-art antenna measuring facilities, antennas and complete antenna systems for frequencies ranging between 700 MHz and 40 GHz can be measured exactly and their functions verified. Measurement takes place in a fully shielded absorber hall to ensure that no external interference can occur.

At a Glance

One of the key components of any radio system is its antenna. Efforts to measure and optimize it often lead to a jump in quality for the system as a whole and also make it possible to take the antenna’s operational environment into account to a certain degree.

As an independent institute, we offer our customers test and measurement services in the in-house antenna measurement hall. In our spherical near-field measurement facility, we can set all fundamental antenna parameters. And on request, we can also develop customized antennas tailored your requirements.


Anechoic environment

Our antenna measurement hall is completely lined with pyramid-shaped HF absorbent material. The absorbers allow us to carry out precise measurements at frequencies above 700 MHz. Thanks to the high-quality equipment and its special design, the chamber dampens potential sources of interference from the surrounding area by up to 100 dB. To ensure that it is free of vibrations from the building, the anechoic room is located in the basement – essentially detached from the rest of the structure.


Flexible measurement range

Currently, the facility accommodates measurements from 700 MHz up to 43 GHz. Thanks to a more powerful network analyzer, which allows frequencies to be measured continuously, these measurements are made three to four times faster than before. Designed to handle both short and long distances, the measurement hall is suitable for near- and far-field measurements. Every installation is customized to meet the requirements of the respective analysis.

Nearly all antenna parameters can be determined with just one measurement. Special parameters, such as signal transit time, can also be analyzed.


All antenna types

The spherical near-field measurement technique can be used to measure virtually any antenna type, no matter whether they are low- or high-gain devices. Size doesn’t matter either – an antenna with a diameter of just a few millimeters integrated into an embedded system can be analyzed just as easily as antennas larger than a meter.


Measuring equipment

  • Spherical near-/far-field scanner NSI700S-60
  • Vector network analyzers up to 65 GHz
  • Various spectrum analyzers (and vector signal analyzers)
  • GTEM cell
  • EMV screened cabins
  • Climatic chamber


We offer independent testing and measurement services for virtually all antenna types in the 700 MHz to 43 GHz range, including:

  • Analyzing 3D directional characteristics
  • Verifying antenna gain
  • Evaluating noise temperature (G/T)
  • Measuring antenna efficiency

Once the measurement process is complete, we issue a report outlining all measurements that allows you to check and navigate the results.

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