Workshop  /  10/15/2018  -  10/16/2018

Analytical Data - Data Analytics


Modern analytical methods exhibit increasingly high levels of complexity, in particular those used in the life sciences, chemistry, physiology and medicine. Multi-dimensional systems that combine analytical instrumentation generate an ever-increasing amount of data. This presents a data processing challenge, not only in the handling of such large volumes of data, but also from the frequent and growing necessity to analyze and understand these data in combination with data from other systems.

This high level of complexity makes it difficult to gain insights via conventional data analysis methods, forcing the users themselves to learn and develop methods to handle the data. And analytical instrumentation is learning, too… these systems are becoming increasingly intelligent.

This workshop aims to address the diverse challenges in handling complex analytical data, including how to choose the best tools, most appropriate methods, design of intelligent interfaces, and most suitable data processing steps. Experts from academia and industry will bring you up to speed on the state-of-the-art and future challenges on this highly timely and pressing topic. Be a part of constructive discussions on the risk.

The Workshop takes place at October 15th/16th 2018 at Fraunhofer Institute for Process
Engineering and Packaging IVV, Giggenhauser Str. 35, 85354 Freising, Germany

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