"Fancy and free" on the Fraunhofer Holodeck

Virtual Reality Hackathon at the L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center.
© Fraunhofer IIS/Marc Rudolf

Virtual Reality Hackathon at the L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center.

VR Hackathon showcases the potential of RedFIR© positioning technology in apps for use on large surfaces.

Smartphone – check, VR glasses and headphones – check, and go! In our first ever Virtual Reality Hackathon, 12 teams of 3D artists and game developers created apps allowing multiple users equipped with VR glasses to freely roam the 1400 m2 surface of the L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center. At the heart of this innovative application of VR is our RedFIR© positioning technology – a wireless tracking system able to accurately locate people and objects, detect their direction and speed in real time, and display them in the VR app, promptly and comprehensively reproducing their actual physical position in each VR world. The wireless technology is even able to easily track objects that would sometimes be partially or totally undetectable to purely optical tracking systems. The first prize was awarded to the HoloPac team, which developed a game where players have to collect packages within a limited time frame while being pursued by ghosts. In second place was the Eccos team, with its Social Sound Experience project, providing an innovative way to position, distribute and rearrange sounds and tracks in space. Third prize went to the Fuel team, with its Floccer Tournament Ninjago project. The winning apps were chosen by the jury primarily on the basis of the gaming experience provided and the interactivity arising from the use of the RedFIR© positioning technology.

Hackathon Holodeck 4.0 Virtual Reality

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