Washroom hygiene 4.0

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The CWS Washroom Information Service enables more efficient planning of cleaning requirements and cycles.

Wireless sensor networks to monitor the washroom of the future.

Digital technology could make empty towel and soap dispensers in the washrooms of office buildings or airports a thing of the past. In collaboration with full service provider CWS-boco, we are developing a solution to simplify washroom management and maintenance. The three-tier communication chain that underpins the solution was created by our Application Center for Wireless Sensor Systems in Coburg. Dispenser fill levels are automatically measured using special sensors developed by the Fraunhofer IIS, and the results are transmitted wirelessly to a local “Washroom Control Unit”. The individual washrooms in a building are connected via a self-configuring multi-hop wireless network. The gateway at the edge of the building relays all of the data to a central server and is accessible to cleaning personnel and the washroom operating company. The system is straightforward to install, and has the capacity to react independently to circumstances in the building. In the event of failure or malfunction of the connection to a particular washroom, monitoring of the remaining dispensers is assured by our s-net© Technology, which automatically compensates for wireless connection problems and guarantees loss-free data transmission.