The intelligent interactive toothbrush

© Procter & Gamble

ORAL-B GENIUS with Fraunhofer Shore™ technology and positioning technology.

Fraunhofer IIS and Procter & Gamble develop smart cleaning system for personalized dental care.

Proper dental care and the resulting benefits for oral hygiene do not depend on the toothbrush alone – a much more important factor for healthy teeth is “correct”, uniform cleaning of all areas. In order to provide the best support possible, Procter & Gamble worked with us to develop a new generation of smart interactive toothbrushes. The ORAL-B GENIUS tracks cleaning behavior and guides users with information provided via a smartphone app. It works like this: the toothbrush connects to the app via Bluetooth. The smartphone is mounted on the mirror, and as soon as brushing begins, evaluation kicks in. The integrated Fraunhofer-SHORE™ facial recognition and analysis technology enables head movements and hand position to be detected and analyzed in real time, immediately telling users if they are spending too little or too much time on a particular spot, or if they have left anywhere out. Image-based classification accurately tracks the position of the toothbrush, even in poor lighting conditions.

To further improve robustness and precision, additional sensors are built into the handle of the smart toothbrush. Data from these sensors are fed into our smart analysis software to evaluate position and movement. By fusing data from image and inertial sensors, the system is able to more accurately determine whether each area of the mouth has been cleaned thoroughly, for long enough, or not at all, displaying the result directly on the smartphone. We were able to successfully overcome the challenge of reliably classifying each area in spite of the relatively low volume of measurement data.

The cooperation with Procter & Gamble, in place since 2013, is devoted to novel solutions for software-based assistance systems aimed at providing user-oriented added benefits in the field of dental hygiene.

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