Smart sensors for the world of tomorrow

New “Smart Sensing and Electronics” division.

A Smart Sensing and Electronics division has been created under the leadership of Josef Sauerer, bringing together the four departments Image Processing and Medical Engineering, Integrated Sensor Systems, Integrated Circuits and Systems, and Electronic Imaging. The new division develops smart sensors, software and microelectronics for applications in research, media, industry, automotive technology, and medicine.

Solutions developed in this division include the HallinOne© 3D magnetic field sensor, the POLKA Polarization Camera for quality control in production, the FitnessSHIRT for performance tracking in sports, SCube© for digitalization and analysis of biological samples, high-speed ICs for rapid transfer of large data volumes, and the SHORE™ real-time image analysis software for the detection of emotions – to name but a few. “Smart, energy-saving and miniaturized sensors with the ability to capture information about our surroundings are crucial to developments relating to the Internet of Things or mobility. The Smart Sensing and Electronics division completes the Fraunhofer IIS technology portfolio in these areas,” explains division director Josef Sauerer.