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AES webinar: MPEG-H Authoring Suite for post-production workflows

With MPEG-H content, producers can enable features that create an entirely new audio experience for consumers. This session will explain how you, as a producer, can do that. MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS) is a set of applications that facilitates the easy, fast and intuitive production of MPEG-H Audio content. In this webinar, Yannik Grewe will demonstrate the MAS tools for production, monitoring and quality control as well as their interoperability.

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Webinar series "Next Generation Audio and Video Technologies"

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still holding the industry back from getting together and leading valuable conversations, Fraunhofer IIS invited the broadcast industry leaders ATEME, Cobalt, Interdigital, Jünger, Philips, Technicolor and Telos Alliance to join forces and offer a series of three webinars about available solutions to deploy next generation audio and video technologies as well as the latest trends in the broadcast industry.

The panel formed by experts in standardization, broadcast and production workflows walks the viewers through the necessary steps for the transition to next-generation broadcast and streaming technologies including the most advanced features of MPEG-H Audio and Advanced HDR by Technicolor. These technologies are the key building blocks for the future of entertainment and provide a heightened level of user experience as they open the doors for innovative business opportunities and new content formats.

Demonstrations explain how immersive and interactive sound and truly vivid pictures can be enabled within the limits of today’s infrastructures.

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Part 1: Roundtable – Meet the experts

Our experts will discuss the current status in standardization and adoption of Next Generation TV technologies in the different regions of the world as well as the directions broadcast and streaming are taking in various markets.

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Part 2: Next Generation Audio and Video technologies

With the advanced MPEG-H immersive and personalized sound features as well as Advanced HDR by Technicolor, content creators can now enable completely new and premium audio and video experiences for their viewers. In this session, our experts will share their experience gained while working with broadcasters all over the world during major live events that were broadcast or streamed in MPEG-H Audio and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

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Part 3: Hands-on experience with MPEG-H Audio and Advanced HDR by Technicolor

“How can I leverage HDR as well as immersive and interactive audio technologies today, using my existing production workflows and infrastructure? While enabling these next generation technologies, how can I also produce and deliver high quality SDR and legacy audio in a cost-effective way?” These are some of the most important questions we receive from broadcasters. This webinar will provide the answers. Our experts will talk about live production and broadcast, and demonstrate how to enable the most advanced features in existing facilities.

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Comprehensive solutions and expertise for the entire broadcast chain

Fraunhofer IIS offers technologies and applications for the entire chain of global digital radio standards DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) - from the studio to the receiver. Because IBC took place virtually this year, we have adapted our demos to a digital format to remain connected with you. Come to Fraunhofer’s virtual show floor and visit our digital radio experts in their webinar on consumer and professional services and solutions. 

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AES LA Webinar: MPEG-H for broadcast, streaming and music

In the U.S., immersive (surround sound plus sound from above) sound is largely a feature film cinema experience, perhaps with a Blu-ray release. But, did you know immersive sound is part of ATSC 3.0 and some networks have been broadcasting immersive TV sound for three years? Or, that Amazon Music offers immersive music on their smart speaker?

All these uses are made possible by the open-standard MPEG-H audio system primarily developed by Fraunhofer, which also offers 'turn down the announcer' interactivity. Robert Bleidt explained the concepts behind immersive sound and interactivity, and discussed its use in broadcast, streaming, and music markets.

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Please contact us for details on how to access the recording of the webinar.

MPEG-H Audio Metadata and Production Format (organized by SET)

The MPEG-H Audio system enables immersive, interactive and customizable sound with advanced accessibility features such as dialogue enhancement and audio description. Already used in broadcast over ATSC, DVB and ISDB networks, the system enables producers and content creators to bring completely new audio experiences to viewers at home.

Our speakers will share the great experience gained during live broadcast of major sports and music events and offer you a walk through live and post production tools for MPEG-H Audio. Special attention will be given to the metadata handling in production, which is a key factor for enabling all the new and exciting features of MPEG-H Audio.  There will be also an introduction to the MPEG-H ADM Profile and interoperability with the Immersive Audio Bitstream (IAB) standard for immersive audio content.

Please get in touch with the Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) in order to access the recording of the webinar: https://www.set.org.br/contato?lang=en

SET compiled a video of session highlights (available on Youtube)

A short summary of the webinar (in Brazilian Portuguese) is available on the SET website

MPEG-H AUDIOについて必ず知っておくべきこと


本ウェビナーでは、当社スピーカーが端末相互のMPEG-H Audioによる放送およびストリーミング系統を、プロダクション・ツールやエンコーディングからMPEG-H Audio対応末端装置までご説明します。主要企業からすでに入手可能な業務用機器についても、世界中の放送事業者とのATSC、DVB、ISDBネットワーク上で実施した試験のケーススタディと併せてご紹介します。また主要スポーツイベントや音楽イベントのDASHおよびHLSライブストリーミングでは、自宅にいる視聴者が既存のAndroid TVセットトップボックスに接続してMPEG-Hインタラクティブ没入型サウンドを体験することができました。そこから得られた素晴らしい経験を皆様にお伝えします。

次世代オーディオでは、すでにMPEG-Hの実装が現実のものとなっています。韓国では、2017年5月の超高精細テレビ(UHDTV)システム開始以降、MPEG-Hによる放送が24時間常に提供されています。また昨年からソニー株式会社の360 Reality Audio(サンロクマル・リアリティオーディオ)では、MPEG-Hによる没入型音楽体験を提供しており、Amazon Music HD、Tidal、Deezer、nugs.net、Sony Selectを筆頭に世界規模の商業ストリーミングサービスで体感できます。詳細は本ウェビナーにご参加ください。

MPEG-H AUDIOに関する実際のポストプロダクション

MPEG-Hコンテンツを使えば、制作者は消費者にこれまでにないオーディオ体験をもたらす作品を提供できます。没入型サウンドからオーディオ・オブジェクトを利用した自分好みの設定およびあらゆるデバイスに対応する配信まで、MPEG-H Audioは制作者とコンテンツ提供者に高度な設定オプションを提供します。

「ユーザーは独自の没入型インタラクティブミックスをMPEG-Hで作ることができるのか」とお思いになるかもしれません。答えはイエスです。制作者はMPEG-Hの高度なパーソナライズ機能を常時完全に制御できます。ポストプロダクションツールについて紹介する本ウェビナーでは、MPEG-H Audioの制作方法と聴衆にとってこれまでにないオーディオ体験を創り出す方法についてすべての質問にお答えします。また、MPEG-H音響定義モデル(ADM)プロファイルも紹介いたします。

生放送時のMPEG-H AUDIOワークフロー

「既にある制作手順で、どうしたら最新のインタラクティブ没入型コンテンツを制作できるだろう?」 これは、サービス向上に熱心な放送事業者からいただく最も重要な質問のひとつです。本ウェビナーでは専門家がMPEG-Hを使ったライブの制作放送チェーンをご案内しますので、この質問にもお答えします。皆様が既存の設備で最先端の機能を発揮できることを目指します。



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