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Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

Fraunhofer IIS – Conducting Research in a Variety of Areas

The Fraunhofer brand stands for contract research of the highest international standards. Fraunhofer IIS offers commercial and industrial companies a variety of collaborative options – from R&D services, licensing of technologies and systems, technology integration and the development of components, to project support and advice and conducting market studies. We would be happy to assist you in the following research areas:

Audio & Multimedia

Fraunhofer IIS has been conducting research in the field of Audio & Multimedia for more than 25 years, with a special focus on audio coding and signal processing. The institute is widely known for its significant role in the development of the mp3 and MPEG AAC audio coding standards.

Imaging Systems

Through our research in the field of Imaging Systems, we help to create innovative solutions for professional camera systems, digital cinema, and smart image processing and analysis. Other focal areas of our research include light field technology, contributing to the development of coding techniques and standards, and new postproduction and multiview calibration systems.

Energy Management

Our research activities in the field of Energy Management comprise the design and implementation of information and communication technologies based on networked, embedded systems. We also develop solutions for battery management and energy harvesting.

IC Design and Design Automation

Through our development work in the field of IC Design and Design Automation we have become one of Europe’s leading IC design houses. We work independently on research projects not tied to any specific technology or vendor, and develop design solutions tailored to future industrial requirements.


Reliable global communication and networking – anytime and anywhere, with the best audio quality possible: that’s what characterizes the technologies used in communications. Our innumerable wireless, performance-oriented and satellite-based transmission systems make us the professional partner our customers are looking for.

Positioning and Navigation

Our expertise has made Fraunhofer IIS one of the world’s leading development institutions for Positioning and Navigation solutions. We bring together specialists in more than ten basic technologies to make positioning solutions more reliable, precise, affordable and robust.

Medical Technology

Our Medical Technology specialists offer solutions in the fields of medical image processing, computer-assisted diagnostics, vital sign sensors, biosignal processing and medical communication. This work is supported by tests and studies to evaluate medical device systems and solutions.

Sensor Systems

Our Sensor Systems experts develop complete solutions in the field of smart integrated sensor systems. These serve as the basis for innovative information, communication and measurement systems.

Security Engineering

Security Engineering at Fraunhofer IIS encompasses all research related to the fields of safety, security and defense.

Supply Chain

The systems supplying people with goods, services and information must be effective, cost-efficient and at the same time sustainable. Our researchers in Supply Chain Services apply a global approach to the development of solutions, covering all stages from market and process analysis to the design and implementation of appropriate technologies and their integration in the customer’s operating environment.

Non-destructive Testing

In the field of Non-destructive Testing, our researchers develop methods and systems that permit us and our customers to carry out tests without destroying the object under test or degrading its functionality.

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