Fraunhofer light-field Creation and Editing Suite

Fraunhofer IIS has developed algorithms for multi-camera content processing and implemented them in a Plug-in suite for light-field post-production. The Plug-in suite comes with several scripts and nodes that enable the creation of disparity maps from multi-camera footage. These disparity maps can be used in compositing to simplify grading or more advanced effects like virtual camera movements or synthetic defocus.

Realception® as a Plug-in suite for The Foundry´s NUKE

Fraunhofer IIS provides a set of post-processing tools to work with light-field data input in the professional Nuke environment for post-production.

Screenshot Nuke Cleopatra

Realception® is based on process picture data from light-field or multi camera array recordings. The outcome is a so called disparity map – a description of the distance of two corresponding points in adjacent images. Having this profound understanding of the captured scene opens all kind of new opportunities manipulating images in a post process like the generation of depth maps.

The algorithms developed by Fraunhofer offer a wide range of editing features such as:

  • Applicable for mono, stereo and VR content
  • Generation of depth maps for the creation of unseen VFX
  • Optimized algorithms for multicamera light-field post-production
  • Selection of position, orientation and focus point
  • Depth-based color grading
  • Creation of 6DoF live-action content for Virtual and Mixed Reality
  • Point-cloud generation
  • Re-lighting of objects within scenes

The Plug-in suite is available for professional pilot users on request.

Conventions and Events

Meet us at IBC 2017

Amsterdam | 14 - 18 September | Hall 8 B80.

Realception® at IBC 2017

Experts from Fraunhofer IIS are presenting their light-field Creation and Editing Suite.
We're looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!