Virtual ASIC Foundry

Virtual ASIC Foundry

The Fraunhofer IIS has specialized in offering ASICs in small volume, where most semiconductor vendors have no interest in. Packaged and tested ASICs are available in quantities of a few hundred.

We offer:

  • ASIC prototypes
  • ASICs in low numbers (small volume)
  • IC specification
  • Design of analog/digital systems and mixed signal applications
  • Layout and verification (Synthese, Place & Route)

Press Release

Europe secures Europractice services to European academia and industry until end 2021

Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies and its partners STFC-UKRI, Fraunhofer IIS, CMP and Tyndall announced today that Europractice was selected and granted European funding as a H2020 project.