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Cyberphysical systems are the basic elements for connecting machines and processes to internet-based IoT or industrial applications. Technologies for precise positioning, for self-organizing communication together with efficient energy management solutions are essential for the digital transformation.

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Die MIOTY Technologie als LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Network) erlaubt eine Vernetzung von einer großen Anzahl an Sensoren innerhalb von Arealen von mehreren Kilometern. Diese drahtlose IOT-Technologie hat viele Vorteile: Hohe Reichweite, große Anzahl an Sendern mit nur einem Empfaenger, lange Batterielaufzeiten, adaptierbar auf verschiedene Frequenzen, basierend auf Standardkomponenten und dadurch kostenguenstig. Anwendungen: Industrie 4.0, Smart Meetering, Logistik, Energiemanagement, Freizeit, Landwirtschaft. Foto: Kurt Fuchs/ Fraunhofer IIS


MIOTY, a miniaturized IoT platform developed by Fraunhofer IIS, sets new standards in the field of wireless data transmission when it comes to cost efficiency, transmission range, and transmission security. It relies on an asymmetrical transmission method that uses scores of simple sensor nodes and a complex receiver. The MIOTY technology can be licensed for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

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Energy Harvesting
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In the field of energy self-sufficiency, we offer technologies and systems for monitoring, converting, and storing energy for various consumers and applications (e.g. battery management, energy harvesting).

Energy Harvesting: Small source - Big impact

We use renewable energy sources from the environment to supply small electronic consumers.

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Positioning and Networks

Your Partner for the Digital Transformation

Positioning, networks and energy management
The research and development work of Fraunhofer IIS in Nürnberg

The Positioning and networks business unit develops wireless communication, positioning and identification technologies for connected digital applications in the markets for production, logistics, security, mobility and sport/fitness. The portfolio is rounded off by systems designed to supply energy efficiently and make energy management both secure and effective.  

With the Supply Chain Service Working Group, we come up with future technologies and applications for the Internet of Things, industry 4.0 and connected mobility. Solutions are based on communication, positioning and sensor technology using local application logic and process knowledge, either on mobile platforms or cyber-physical systems. These developments lead to greater efficiency in production and intralogistics process flows and allow for the gathering and analysis of production data.

Our portfolio extends all the way from studies, consulting services, technology licensing, research and development work to full prototype development and the accompanying market rollouts.

Fraunhofer IIS is a leading partner for local and global positioning technologies, including satellite positioning via GPS/Galileo, authenticated positioning via Galileo PRS (Public Regulated Services) and WLAN positioning compliant with data protection standards. As a result, its experts are ideally placed to develop and implement practical technologies for secure mobility indoors and out. Using a diverse range of positioning technologies, it is possible to employ application-specific tracking and tracing solutions for digitalized production processes.

Meanwhile, identification and network solutions – such as RFID, smart object technologies and wireless sensor networks – have the capacity to constantly monitor goods in a wholly transparent manner as they pass through production and process chains. Such technologies also find their application in sports, fitness and the smart city/smart home, where they help to transmit information efficiently. Secure and flexible energy management solutions for controlling energy consumption in buildings, energy harvesting solutions and smart battery monitoring increase systems’ runtime and efficiently govern demand-based power consumption in networked environments. Special security concepts ensure seamless communication and protected access to the data obtained from buildings or production operations.

Our Offer



  •  Precise and robust positioning
  •  Indoor and outdoor positioning
  •  Easy to install
  •  Anonymous tracking
  •  Sensor fusion technologies

Networks and Identification

  •  Robust wireless communication
  •  Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
  •  Self-organizing communication
  •  Energy-efficient sensor networks
  •  Context-aware intelligent objects
  •  CPS for process optimization

Realize IoT-Systems

  •  IoT technologies for industry and
      Smart City
  •  Energy Harvesting technologies and
  •  Edge Computing and Analytics
  •  System integration from sensor
      via cloud to user
  •  Secure IoT-Systems: Training, Analysis
      and Architectures

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  •  Innovative algorithms for sensor
      data analysis
  •  Machine learning methods
  •  Sensor fusion and statistical
      signal processing
  •  Condition and event detection
  •  Collection of metrics in
      dynamic systems

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L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center

Development and evaluation of positioning, identification and communication technologies for IoT and Industry 4.0.

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