Fraunhofer IIS, RoodMicrotec GmbH and EBV Elektronik GmbH announce cooperation


Nürnberg, Germany: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS gives access to new technologies using EBV Chips platform. Turnkey manufacturing services for chips will be performed by RoodMicrotec. Fraunhofer IIS has been developing various best-in-class solutions for over 30 years. Two of new technologies are RFicient® Basic, an Integrated Ultra-Low-Power WakeUp Receiver with low latency, and s-net®, a networking protocol for low power, self-organizing multi-hop communication. With this new cooperation, these solutions will be available for a broad range of applications.

RFicient®Basic, Ultra-Low-Power WakeUp Receiver


Applications in the field of the Internet of Things require low power consumption and rapid response capability with a minimal amount of maintenance. There is a strongly growing amount of connected mobile devices and wireless connectivity gains importance. However, wireless battery-powered IoT applications make sense only if the batteries do not have to be replaced or recharged regularly.

For this purpose, Fraunhofer IIS offers the adequate solution for numerous wireless applications: RFicient® boasts power consumption in the order of microwatts and reacts in milliseconds. The current consumption below 3 µA and the operation without a microcontroller make a service life of mobile applications of up to ten years possible.

The integrated receiver continuously monitors a radio channel and provides 24/7 connectivity. This is required for applications where the exact instant of an incoming radio message is unknown to the receiver. Having received a radio request, a quick reply is expected. Devices can go to sleep when not in use but wake up immediately to deliver services as needed. RFicient® is the only active component!

Additionally RFicient® provides single or simultaneous multiband operation for global and reliable wireless connectivity. Whether for industrial, logistics or consumer applications, RFicient® is the solution complementing existing standards in a perfect way.

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s-net® wireless networking technology for IoT applications


s-net® lays the foundation for connecting and positioning things, machines and people, thus closing an information gap between IT and the real world. s-net® requires low power consumption and enables bi-directional data communication, it offers the best prerequisites for IoT (Internet of Things) applications in production, logistics and building automation.

Since 2019 the sensor networking technology is available as a commercial radio module at the international distributor EBV Elektronik. This module is specially developed to connect objects for IoT applications like the digitization of processes, condition monitoring or smart production. More information available at:


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