GRAMMY Nomination for Opus One, Available Now for Download in AAC Surround Sound

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ERLANGEN, Germany (January 16, 2014) – Surround sound music can now be conveniently downloaded and enjoyed on billions of consumer devices, thanks to its availability in the high quality AAC 5.1 audio format. For the first time, the music label mediaHYPERIUM3 (mH3) distributes its Grammy nominated surround sound music album, Opus One, using the AAC audio codec that was co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS.

Apple’s iTunes has been using AAC to sell stereo music since the launch of the service and the majority of music streaming services relies on AAC. Opus One is now entering a new level of music experience by offering high quality 5.1 surround sound downloads using the AAC audio codec at 320 kbit/s. Android and other platforms natively support AAC 5.1 playback and can be connected via HDMI to home theater systems. This makes surround sound music for the first time accessible and appealing to a broad consumer audience.

“Fraunhofer IIS congratulates the producers of Opus One on their Grammy nomination for Best Surround Sound Album,” said Harald Popp, head of the Business department of the Fraunhofer IIS Audio and Multimedia Division. “And we applaud them for opening a new era in the distribution of online music,” Popp added.

Opus One was produced by digital music service and record label mediaHYPERIUM3. It contains some of the most important orchestral works of the Classical repertoire performed by world renowned orchestras and conductors. The style and quality of the recording made the album ideal for the application of AAC as the codec fulfills the highest demands in terms of sound quality and bit rate efficiency.

"mediaHYPERIUM3 is thrilled to offer audiences a new listening experience with the release of the label's premier album Opus One," said Herbert Waltl, President of mediaHYPERIUM3. "Our engineers meticulously mixed and mastered the cuts to present the artistry of each performance in surround sound playback while preserving the artistic qualities of the original performances," Waltl added.

Opus One was produced by surround sound producer Herbert Waltl, surround sound mix engineer Leslie Ann Jones, and surround mastering engineer Michael Romanowski. It is available for download at Waltl was awarded with two Grammys in 2005 for Album of the Year and Best Surround Sound Album, both for Ray Charles’ Genius Loves Company.