The CT conversion kit PolyCT can save time by up to a factor of three in industrial computed tomography


Fürth: Measurement services providers in particular have noticed that demand for computed tomography analysis has increased dramatically. Depending on the application, such measurements can take up to several hours. For this reason, the Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT, together with xray lab, has developed the PolyCT conversion kit, which reduces measurement time by up to a factor of three. The CT system add-on makes its debut at the Hannover Messe from April 24–28, Hall 4, Booth E12.

Messreihen können mit »PolyCT« bis zu dreimal schneller geprüft werden. Im Bild wurde das Nachrüst- Kit mit drei Zündkerzen bestückt. ©xray-lab
© xray-lab
Messreihen können mit »PolyCT« bis zu dreimal schneller geprüft werden. Im Bild wurde das Nachrüst- Kit mit drei Zündkerzen bestückt.

The CT conversion kit PolyCT is compatible with all CT systems commonly available on the market, and it can be commissioned quickly and easily in just a few steps. This gives users the flexibility to use the conversion kit with various systems. Even though it is easy to use, the savings potential is tremendous: with PolyCT, measurement series can be tested up to three times faster – even with demanding tasks such as analyzing objects that are difficult to transilluminate. The kit is equipped with laser alignment, so it can support users in the installation and alignment of the measuring device without having to interact with the system software or mechanics. To attach the measuring device extension, either a magnet or a suction cup is available. “The PolyCT kit is either clamped into an existing CT chuck instead of the sample or a centering adapter device is used to attach it to a flat rotary plate,” explains Michael Salamon, Project Manager at the Fraunhofer EZRT. The objects to be tested are then fastened into the universally adaptable specimen holders. This allows the CT system to be used to its optimum potential.

Application areas: non-destructive testing and metrology

“The experience and expertise gained over a decade as an industrial X-ray service provider has all gone into the development of the PolyCT,” explains Alexander Brock, Sales Director at xray-lab GmbH & Co. KG. “There is a broad variety of applications for the PolyCT kit.” As far as system precision allows, the measuring device extension is also suitable for use with 3-D measurement technology. The standard PolyCT version is appropriate for CT measurements with voxel sizes down to 30 μm and it has three rotation centers, each with a testing diameter of approx. 5 cm.

PolyCT at the Hannover Messe and Control

The add-on makes its debut at the Hannover Messe: from April 24–28, visitors will find extensive information at xray-lab in Hall 4, Booth E12, where they can learn more about the functions of the impressive conversion kit. Just a few days later, from May 9– 12, the PolyCT will be exhibited at the shared booth of the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, Hall 6, Booth 6302 at the Control trade fair in Stuttgart.

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