Fraunhofer IIS to introduce RFID, telemetry and antenna systems for Industry 4.0 at CeBIT


Erlangen/Hannover, March 16, 2015, CeBIT, hall 9, booth E40: At this year's CeBIT, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS will be presenting solutions that rely on the use of radio frequency identification (RFID), telemetry and intelligent antenna systems for Industry 4.0 applications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Telemetry systems and RFID technology connect and optimize digital production processes. © Fraunhofer IIS/Kurt Fuchs
Vermessung von Lokalisierungssystemen (wie z.B: BlackFIR® oder RedFIR®), Drahtlosen Kommunikationssystemen und RFID-Systemen im Fraunhofer Testzentrum L.I.N.K für Anwendungen wie Industrie 4.0, Logistik, Produktion, Automatisierung, Automotive. Foto bei Kurt Fuchs / © copyright by Kurt Fuchs, Tel. 09131-777740 Am Wei chselgar ten 23, 91058 Erl angen

While Industry 4.0 is on everyone's lips these days, the question is what significance does it have for practical application in production environments and industrial processes? To illustrate the potential, at CeBIT Fraunhofer IIS will be demonstrating a technology platform and state-of-the-art RFID technology combined with intelligent antenna systems that can already be used to implement automated, connected production and logistic chains. This technology platform is especially suitable for the energyefficient and secure transmission of sensor information and small data packets. It thus offers robust, narrowband wireless communication and long range for a variety of applications in digital production environments. Together with various RFID applications, the platform makes a valuable contribution to the realization of IoT in digital production.

With an ever increasing flow of goods, companies are relying more and more on automated identification systems to manage their production and logistics processes. These days, reading stations can simultaneously detect several hundred RFID transponders. With its expanded field of view, the multibeam antenna technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS can precisely and securely detect shipments. This unique RFID technology significantly improves and speeds-up logistics and retail processes many times over.

At CeBIT, the Fraunhofer experts will be demonstrating the capability of the communication between the RFID reader, communication platform and state-of-the-art antenna technology by means of a so-called bulk reading scenario, in which a pallet with several hundred transponders can be read in less than five seconds.

On March 18, from 11:00 to 12:00, the Fraunhofer IIS experts will be giving presentations in the Fraunhofer Technology Briefing together with industry representatives to provide specific insights into the technologies and business applications along the digital production value chain. The presentation and follow-up discussion will focus on which opportunities wireless communication provides and how companies can prepare for the future challenges of Industry 4.0.