Series: Innovation Driver Coffee

This is how Fraunhofer technologies can be used for coffee production.

Fraunhofer IIS technologies can serve the production or enjoyment of coffee. But that is not the only connection between coffee and research. Coffee also serves to stimulate the engineer's sense of well-being and mental performance and promotes the exchange of ideas among colleagues. Coffee means enjoyment and relaxation, but also concentration, energy and performance. Last but not least, an astonishing number of technologies can be associated with coffee.

Coffee as an Innovation Engine - On the Trail of Coffee in the Context of Science and Research at Fraunhofer IIS

Series: Innovation Driver Coffee

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See how Fraunhofer IIS technologies accompany coffee from the plant to consumption.


The film was made as part of Valentin Havenstein-Schilling's master's thesis.


It is the first in a series in which employees and coffee experts tell how Fraunhofer technologies are used or can be used for coffee production and enjoyment.


The articles in the series will be published every two weeks.


Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 23.6.2023

If your coffee tastes bad, it may be due to channeling


Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 20.6.2023

Research and conversations at the coffee machine


Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 2.6.2023

How the use of mioty® can benefit coffee production


Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 22.5.2023

AI-based gas analysis deciphers coffee aromas


Series: Innovation Driver Coffee / 28.3.2023

Tackling the coffee shortage with Fraunhofer technology and responsible behavior

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Series: Innovation Driver Coffee


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