Indoor Positioning: N-Solut and CloudMade enter the indoor market with awiloc

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The available technology for localization within buildings is growing rapidly. Every day, new companies enter into this area. With N-Solut and CloudMade, two experienced professionals are now committing to this market. In doing so, they are relying on awiloc, the WLAN positioning technology from the ­Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. awiloc has been helping smartphone users since 2008 to find the shortest, fastest, most convenient or even the most interesting path through shopping centers, airports, train stations and museums.

N-Solut GmbH wants to expand its customized software development kits (SDKs) and customer-specific solutions already successfully in use to include navigation inside buildings on the basis of awiloc® localization technology.

Stefan Langguth, Managing Director at N-Solut: “As a classic provider of satellite-based navigation solutions, indoor navigation represents an extremely interesting growth field for us. With Fraunhofer IIS and awiloc®, we have found a competent partner as well as the right technology for expanding our navigation solutions to areas inside buildings.”

CloudMade Deutschland GmbH also makes use of the awiloc technology

The second strong partner, CloudMade from Stuttgart, offers road and outdoor navigation solutions as well as professional software components and vector-based maps for indoor applications that make also use of the awiloc® technology. With the complete vector cartography of the Hamburg airport as well as a shopping center in Berlin, CloudMade is one of the few companies to have in-depth practical experience with navigation inside buildings.

As responsible Managing Director of CloudMade, Nihat Küçük sees extensive prospects for the indoor market: “While the market for road navigation systems is largely saturat­ed, unlimited possibilities still exist in the indoor area. We are focusing here in particular on indoor solutions for large infrastructures such as airports, shopping centers and event locations.”

With N-Solut and CloudMade as new partners, the awiloc® partner consortium has grown to include two renowned navigation specialists, who are now engaging more intensely with the indoor market.

Navigation is practically a given today

When the first navigation solutions appeared two decades ago in luxury limousines, no one could have predicted that millions of navigation devices would penetrate markets around the world as inexpensive consumer goods within just a few years. Due to the open global navigation system GPS, navigation in vehicles and on smartphones is taken for granted today.

Navigation solutions are now conquering buildings at a rapid pace. awiloc®, an easy-­to-implement technology that offers tested compliance with data privacy regula­tions, represents a key contribution in this area.

About N-Solut

N-Solut GmbH designs, markets and sells customer-specific navigation solutions for mobile devices and vehicles all around the globe. N-Solut has successfully established itself as long-term player in a challenging market through specialization in highly individual design and usability-optimized products.

About CloudMade

As a long-standing IT service provider, CloudMade Deutschland GmbH offers customer-specific software solutions covering all aspects of maps, routing and navigation both indoors and out. With the seamless display and integration of vector-based indoor maps, CloudMade software products are opening up the possibility for many new applications and services. At a central Stuttgart location, a core team develops innovative and customer specific navigation solutions for mobile devices as well as web-based applications.

About awiloc®

awiloc® is software for self-contained WLAN positioning in cities and buildings. Tested by the Bavarian State Office for Data Privacy Oversight, awiloc® evaluates only the field strength distribution of WLAN stations for the purpose of positioning. awiloc® does this on the mobile device without data communication.

About the awiloc® partner consortium

The awiloc® WLAN positioning technology has been supported since 2008 by enter­prises, users and research institutions within an open consortium. The partners benefit from early access to new developments involving awiloc®. This has given rise to applications involving positioning in buildings that lie on the leading edge of the trend – from emergency call systems to multimedia museum guides and games.