How to determine my fitness?

The FitnessSHIRT of Fraunhofer IIS

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X-ray musical instruments? How so?

Dr. Theobald Fuchs explains MUSICES

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„What were the most formative experiences of your career at Fraunhofer IIS? “

Interview with Dr. Bernhard Grill, director with focus on Audio and Media Technologies at Fraunhofer IIS

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Why do assistants move into tools?

Pilot project with BMW

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X-ray – just like that?

Video ValuCT

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Determine how fit you are with the FitnessSHIRT

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Smart Sensing and Electronics / 21.8.2017

© Photo Fraunhofer IIS

Christian Weigand explains the FitnessSHIRT.

The FitnessSHIRT accurately monitors parameters such as heart rate variability (HRV) and your pulse – without an additional strap. Our employee Heiko Wörrlein tested the shirt on a training run in the Tennenlohe Forest near Nürnberg, and talked with chief of development Christian Weigand to find out more about the shirt’s potential applications and the data it collects.

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Looking inside a piano

Cognitive Sensor Technologies /Development Center X-ray Technology / 23.6.2017

Dr. Theobald Fuchs and his colleagues at the Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT are working with the Germanisches Nationalmuseum to develop standards for the computed tomography of musical instruments. Fuchs explains why this work is much more important than one might initially think.

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© Photo Photo: Fraunhofer IIS

This kind of computed tomography imagery of old musical instruments is of interest to historians and conservators – and not least to musicians themselves.

"Fraunhofer IIS is definitely a Special Place"

Audio and Media Technologies / 23.6.2017

© Photo Fraunhofer IIS/Julia Sing

Bernhard Grill in Fraunhofer IIS’s unique sound laboratory.

Bernhard Grill knows what he is talking about. He joined Fraunhofer IIS in 1988 and is now institute director and division director. The Fraunhofer X-factor for him lies in a trusting relationship between colleagues, the accomplished combination of research and marketing and lastly, but importantly, a healthy work-life balance.

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Success Stories

How business and industry embrace the future with our support.


Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Positioning and Networks / 23.6.2017

The assistant that lives in the tool

BMW Regensburg relies on intelligent tools in pilot project.


Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Development Center for X-ray Technology / 23.6.2017

Automated X-rays

Three partners develop ValuCT making X-ray easy as pie.

The Highlights in our Annual Report 2016


Communication Systems / 8.3.2017

Satellite communication of the future

Making communication more efficient, more
flexible, and more stable


Supply Chain Services / 8.3.2017

Smart data: the future of logistics

How will logistics develop?


Development Center X-ray Technology / 8.3.2017

Detecting high-yield varieties of plants

Plant analysis in the age of climate change


Audio and Media Technologies / 8.3.2017

A revolution in tv sound

MPEG-H offers individually adjustable sound

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