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Year of the X-ray 2020 / 7.9.2020

Can airplanes get X-rayed?

Michael Salamon and his team scan large, often spectacular objects.


Year of the X-ray 2020 / 4.9.2020

How can plants withstand climate change?

Stefan Gerth knows how computer tomography systems can help plant breeders.


Audio and Media Technologies / 14.7.2020

MPEG-H Audio

Audio description for video about MPEG-H audio now available in eight languages.


Fraunhofer vs. Corona / 25.6.2020

Webinars open up new opportunities

Speakers tell us about their experience with the webinar series at Fraunhofer IIS.


Fraunhofer IIS / 16.6.2020

From the analytial engine to AI

In this story, "Ada herself" tells us how computers and data processing have developed.


AI series / 12.6.2020

How AI can boost efficiency in logistics

Christian Menden is responsible for developing an AI strategy.


Ai series / 5.6.2020

Mining data to extract knowledge

Prof. Alexander Martin knows how to use data.


AI series / 21.11.2019

Machine Learning for industrial projects

AI expert Dr. Christopher Mutschler ensures that scientific results find their way into the economy. 



60th birthday of Professor Heuberger / 21.11.2019

Professor Heuberger receives Fraunhofer medal

Fraunhofer President Professor Neugebauer (l.) congratulated the institute director on the occasion of his 60th birthday at the symposium held in his honor.



Digitalization in museums / 8.10.2019

The secret of a Peruvian mummy

Using X-ray technology we examined a mummy from the 11th-15th century.


AI series / 5.10.2019

How language assistants become better

"Language assistants lack common sense," knows AI expert Birgit Brüggemeier.


5G / 27.9.2019

The benefits of 5G

Prof. Albert Heuberger, Director of Fraunhofer IIS, explains the role of research in the development and use of 5G and how users can benefit from it.


Moving Picture Technologies / 25.9.2019

The link between engineers and creative minds

Dr. Siegfried Fößel is head of the Department for Moving Picture Technologies and lecturer.   


AI series / 12.9.2019

Paradigm shift in applied research

Change is on its way: AI replaces conventional programming.


AI series / 19.6.2019

Sensor data with best possible quality

Fraunhofer IIS uses artificial intelligence directly at the sensor.


AI series / 16.5.2019

Solutions that we cannot achieve with conventional methods

Institute directors Professor Heuberger and Dr. Grill explain why the time is ripe for AI.

Series Artificial Intelligence AI










































SERIES: Artificial Intelligence AI at Fraunhofer IIS

AI-technologies and AI-experts


© RS-Studios -

AI series

How Fraunhofer IIS uses AI, the institute’s current research projects, and how you can cooperate with us.

© Fraunhofer IIS/Paul Pulkert

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT

How AI can boost efficiency in logistics

© Fraunhofer IIS

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Supply Chain Services

Mining data to extract knowledge

© Fraunhofer IIS/Manuela Wamser

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Positioning and Networks

AI series: Machine learning drives industrial projects forward

© Fraunhofer IIS / Franziska Köhler

Audio and Media Technologies

Voice assistant – one of the most difficult problems in AI research

X-ray series 2020 X-ray anniversary 2020

125 years of X-ray technology - Fraunhofer IIS is on board


© Foto: Fraunhofer IIS/Anestis Aslanidis

Can X-ray technology help plants withstand climate change?

© Fraunhofer IIS

Can airplanes get X-rayed?


Highlights Highlights from our annual report


Making voice assistants better

The Fraunhofer SPEAKER project, a platform »made in Germany«.


Artificial intelligence at the Ada Lovelace Center

At the ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications, we deal with issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI).

Positioning in 5G

Precise positioning plays a key role in the Internet of Things and particularly in semi-automated and autonomous systems in industry.


Satellite IoT

Satellite IoT paves the way for worldwide connectivity


robot takes to the field

Further articles in Fraunhofer IIS Magazine

Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS / 16.5.2019

How is the safety and longevity of electronic systems ensured?

Dr. André Lange researches the realistic prognosis of ageing processes in circuits.

Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 29.1.0209

MRT in orthodontics

This gentle method can replace the use of X-rays, which have been common practice up to now.


Smart Sensing and Electronics / 4.12.2018

Fitness shirt now on the market

Ambiotex managing director Dennerlein explains what sportsmen and women can expect from a shirt that measures vital data.

Smart Sensing and Electronics / 6.11.2018

Machine Learning Forum connects industry and research

Participants report how they use Machine Learning in their companies.

Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 6.11.2018

Learning how plants grow

Phenotyping records plant-typical reactions to environmental influences. How does this work?

Fraunhofer IIS / 11.9.2018

How we took the NO out of inNOvation

The #inNUEvation conference brought together international experts from research, business and politics.

Audio and Media Technologies / 5.9.2018

Fraunhofer IIS @ IBC2018

The highlights of Fraunhofer IIS at IBC 2018 – briefly presented by our experts

Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT / 27.7.2018

CT data in the cloud

In an interview, Thomas Miller explains how the "CloudCT" software makes it easier for companies to operate the CT system and handle the data.

Supply Chain Services / 7.6.2018

Collect and analyze data in a meaningful way

Prof. Alexander Martin explains how "data analytics" can lead to economically successful decisions.

In context / 18.5.2018

The history of calculating machines

Dr. Guido Nockemann, director of the Computer Technology Erlangen, leads through the exhibition by podcast. 

In context / 18.5.2018

Economy needs science

Central Franconia is Germany's most innovative region, says Pierre Leich, project manager of kulturidee GmbH.


Video series

To the point

A brief and easy cheat sheet for technical terms by our Fraunhofer IIS experts.

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