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Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 23.11.2021

Intelligent assembly with Industry 4.0: screwdrivers that think along with you







Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 12.11.2021

Error-free processes with the picking armband and near-field positioning







Development Center X-ray Technology / 25.10.2021

“Our systems help find the perfect plant”

An interview with division director Dr. Uhlmann


AI series / 20.10.2021

Neuromorphic hardware turns AI into a “quick thinker”


Smart Sensing and Electronics / 7.10.2021

Dr. Dr. Theresa Götz – Carving Out a Career Between Schnitzel and Solar Cells







Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 10.10.2021

Picking made flexible and error-free: Wireless pick-by-light technology







Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 28.9.2021

Industry 4.0 in technical application







Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 21.9.2021

Data platforms and information exchange







Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 29.9.2021

A. Martin: Europe’s data management must be federal and sustainable

Director Alexander Martin about the European data strategy for the future.


Series: Hydrogen / 22.9.2021

Hydrogen: How we’re powering change

What expertise does Fraunhofer IIS offer in the field of hydrogen economy?







Series eResourcing / 22.9.2021

eResourcing: Handling data sustainably

Prof. Alexander Martin explains "eResourcing" and why it is important.







Series: Industry 4.0 for SMEs / 22.9.2021

Digital value creation: A project for SMEs







Smart Sensing and Electronics / 20.9.2021

How is a cost-effective solution for manufacturing spectral sensors possible?








Audio and Media Technologies / 17.9.2021

Bias in language: Is gender bias a factor in industrial speech processing?








Fraunhofer vs. Coronavirus crisis / 2.9.2021

How to achieve fair and fast distribution of protective personal equipment during the crisis?








Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Positioning and Networks / 21.7.2021

FutureIOT provides urban and rural connectivity solutions

Prof. Heuberger explains the benefits.







Smart Sensing and Electronics / 19.7.2021

Innovation artists in conversation: Will the doctor come to us at home in the future?






Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 1.6.2021

Green ICT – toward sustainable information and communication technology






Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 26.5.2021

Quantum computing for optimization

Prof. Alexander Martin and Markus Weissenbäck explain how Fraunhofer IIS plans to use quantum computing to optimize methods and applications.






Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 20.5.2021

Artificial intelligence: Advice and action for an intelligent Bavaria







Smart Sensing and Electronics / 7.5.2021

Smart respiratory assistance with virus filter for COVID-19 patients







Communication Systems / Smart Sensing and Electronics / Engineering of Adaptive Systems / 6.5.2021

Reducing the risk of stroke with neuromorphic hardware







Smart Sensing and Electronics / 5.5.2021

Helping health authorities cope with coronavirus







Smart Sensing and Electronics / 27.4.2021

“KI-PREDICT” – on-sensor data processing

Interview with Matthias Völker, Markus Stahl-Offergeld, and Rolf Slatter.






Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) / 19.4.2021

Expectations placed on modern microelectronics

Interview with Prof. Albert Heuberger






Fraunhofer vs. Corona Crisis / 29.3.2021

Crisis resilience through decentralized data space

Prof. Andreas Harth wants to make corporate IT more independent.


Communication Systems / 22.3.2021

Neuromorphic hardware for autonomous driving

This is how we bring AI directly into the vehicles.


Communication Systems / 9.3.2021

AI series: Neural networks that fire spikes

»Spiking Neural Networks« – Johannes Leugering explains what it is. 


AI series / 9.3.2021

Neuromorphic hardware: Paving the way to Edge AI

With Edge AI the “intelligence” will be located in the device itself.


AI series / 4.1.2021

Edge AI: Energy-saving “building blocks” for smart end devices

The projects ANDANTE and TEMPO are paving the way for this technology.


Audio and Media Technologies / 21.12.2020

"The Audio Revolution from Erlangen"

Institute Director Bernhard Grill at the Bavarian SME Conference.


AI series / 21.12.2020

Edge AI: Stronger together

Marco Breiling and Dr. Loreto Mateu talk about why their collaboration on Edge AI is so fruitful.


Year of the X-ray 2020 / 17.12.2020

Is it possible to X-ray microscopic things?

Dr. Simon Zabler develops systems for high-resolution computed tomography in the micro- and nanometer range.


Audio and Media Technologies / 14.12.2020

Elena Burdiel

An international innovation artist with a passion for music and the Nuremberg metropolitan region.



Communication Systems / 24.11.2020

Explainable AI

Interview with Professor Ute Schmid and Dominik Seuss.


SERIES: Artificial Intelligence AI at Fraunhofer IIS

AI-technologies and AI-experts


© Siarhei -

Cognitive Sensor Technologies

Artificial intelligence: Advice and action for an intelligent Bavaria


Communication Systems | Smart Sensing and Electronics | Engineering of Adaptive Systems

AI series – Dramatically reducing the risk of stroke with neuromorphic hardware

© Fraunhofer IIS

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Smart Sensing and Electronics

“KI-PREDICT” – Intelligent process monitoring with on-sensor signal preprocessing

© Fraunhofer IIS/Paul Pulkert

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Communication Systems

Neural networks that fire spikes

© zapp2photo -

Neuromorphic hardware

Neuromorphic hardware for autonomous driving

Communication Systems | Smart Sensing and Electronics

AI series – Neuromorphic hardware: Paving the way to Edge AI

© Ute Schmid

Smart Sensing and Electronics

AI series – Explainable AI

© ©Siarhei -

Communication Systems | Smart Sensing and Electronics

AI series: Edge AI: Stronger together

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Supply Chain Services

AI series: European Sovereignty in AI

© ©Siarhei -

AI series

Edge AI: Next generation artifical intelligence

© RS-Studios -

AI series

How Fraunhofer IIS uses AI, the institute’s current research projects, and how you can cooperate with us.

X-ray series 2020 X-ray anniversary 2020

125 years of X-ray technology - Fraunhofer IIS is on board


© Foto: Fraunhofer IIS/Anestis Aslanidis

Can X-ray technology help plants withstand climate change?

© Fraunhofer IIS

Can airplanes get X-rayed?

© Fraunhofer IIS/Paul Pulkert

In the heart of "X-ray fever"

© Fraunhofer IIS/Paul Pulkert

Can computed tomography speed up automobile development?

© Fraunhofer IIS

How can X-ray technology optimize recycling?

© Fraunhofer IIS/Michael Salamon

Is it possible to X-ray microscopic things?


Highlights Highlights from our annual report


Making voice assistants better

The Fraunhofer SPEAKER project, a platform »made in Germany«.


Artificial intelligence at the Ada Lovelace Center

At the ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications, we deal with issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI).

Positioning in 5G

Precise positioning plays a key role in the Internet of Things and particularly in semi-automated and autonomous systems in industry.


Satellite IoT

Satellite IoT paves the way for worldwide connectivity


robot takes to the field

Further articles in Fraunhofer IIS Magazine

Communication Systems / 24.11.2020

Beyond 5G – Is it time to start thinking about 6G?

Interview with Bernhard Niemann, Head of the Department of Broadband and Broadcast at Fraunhofer IIS.


AI series / 12.11.2020


What is Edge AI and how is it useful? Read the article in the AI ​​series with answers to the most important questions about Edge AI.

AI series / 30.9.2020

Putting artificial intelligence into practice

How can AI benefit business and industry?

Fraunhofer vs. Coronavirus crisis / 23.9.2020

How do we set up crisis-resistant supply chains?

Uwe Verres-Homm explains how supply can work in times of crisis.

Consortium project in Saxony / 12.9.2020

AI: understand – apply – benefit

Anne Loos explains how companies can benefit from the Saxony consortium project.

Year of the X-ray 2020 / 7.9.2020

Can airplanes get X-rayed?

Michael Salamon and his team scan large, often spectacular objects.

Year of the X-ray 2020 / 4.9.2020

How can plants withstand climate change?

Stefan Gerth knows how computer tomography systems can help plant breeders.

Audio and Media Technologies / 14.7.2020

MPEG-H Audio

Audio description for video about MPEG-H audio now available in eight languages.

Fraunhofer vs. Corona / 25.6.2020

Webinars open up new opportunities

Speakers tell us about their experience with the webinar series at Fraunhofer IIS.

Fraunhofer IIS / 16.6.2020

From the analytial engine to AI

In this story, "Ada herself" tells us how computers and data processing have developed.

AI series / 12.6.2020

How AI can boost efficiency in logistics

Christian Menden is responsible for developing an AI strategy.

Ai series / 5.6.2020

Mining data to extract knowledge

Prof. Alexander Martin knows how to use data.


Video series

To the point

A brief and easy cheat sheet for technical terms by our Fraunhofer IIS experts.

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