Virtually immerse yourself in the mp3 story with Google Arts & Culture

With “Music, Makers & Machines” Google Arts & Culture introduces an interactive online format to capture the progress and relevance of electronic music. The platform is the outcome of a collaboration of more than 50 key players, among them also Fraunhofer IIS. With “mp3 and more”, Fraunhofer IIS introduces the history of mp3 and the working principles of audio coding.

Google Arts & Culture takes art lovers and the culturally inclined on virtual tours of museums and exhibitions. Starting March 10, 2021, the technically minded and audio enthusiasts also get their money’s worth: The exhibition “Music, Makers & Machines” is dedicated solely to electronic music and recounts and explores the history of electronic music from its origins to the present day.

Experience the mp3 story without leaving the comfort of your own home

With “mp3 and more“, Fraunhofer IIS created a multimedia timeline showing the great moments of audio coding. The goal is to make an important building block of digital music accessible to the broader public. The formation process from sound waves to excellent sound and streaming quality in xHE-AAC is presented with illustrations, audio sources and videos. mp3’s success story is rounded off with information on successor formats that enable, for example, uninterrupted streaming and mobile calls in HiFi quality.  

With more than 15,000 exhibits such as photos, videos, 3D animations or editorial contributions, different institutions from all over the world have jointly created an archive that gives visitors insights into the range and genesis of electronic music.     

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