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Improved radio for greater energy efficiency and climate protection #WeKnowHow

Positioning and Networks / March 31, 2023

Low Power Telemetrie
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Imagine if all sensors and control mechanisms – of which there are thousands in large buildings – could be operated intelligently and in coordination with one another. This would avoid miscommunication between the sensor and thermostat, for example, and heating systems would not operate at full blast when windows were open. How can this be achieved, however? Firstly, with frictionless communication and, secondly, with clear identification of all participating sensors and control mechanisms

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5G: Researchers discuss professional mobile communications applications

Positioning and Networks / December 5, 2022

5G network with downtown Los Angeles at night

With the new 5G mobile radio standard, the high requirements of applications in the areas of industry and logistics 4.0, intelligent city, medicine and health and rescue services for wireless communication and localization solutions can be better met. Fraunhofer IIS is an internationally recognized partner when it comes to the development and application of 5G. Read the interviews with our experts to get Fraunhofer IIS researchers’ take on these technologies and what exciting visions of the future they open up. We spoke to them about their respective projects, areas of application and transformative potential.

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FutureIOT provides urban and rural connectivity solutions

Cognitve Sensor Technologies / Positioning and Networks / 21.7.2021

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The FutureIOT platform captures and connects data from the real world. It can be used to coordinate processes and to monitor and optimize infrastructure. This is useful for a variety of applications, including animal health, parking space management, air quality measurement and connected sensor technology for fields. Dr. Christine Funk from Fraunhofer IIS is managing the joint project that brings together 29 companies and authorities as well as 11 partners from the scientific sector in Bavaria. Funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation, the project ran until the end of July 2021. In the video, IIS Executive Director Prof. Albert Heuberger explains how the platform benefits people and the environment.

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AI series: Machine learning drives industrial projects forward

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Postioning and Networks / 7.2.2020

Dr. Christopher Mutschler
© Fraunhofer IIS/Manuela Wamser

Dr. Christopher Mutschler is one of the AI experts at Fraunhofer IIS. He researches machine learning and ensures that scientific findings make their way into industry. In this interview, Ilona Hörath reflects on his career path and field of work.

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5G technologies for a range of use cases

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Communication Systems / Positioning and Networks / 25.11.2019

© Fraunhofer IIS/Karoline Glasow
Prof. Albert Heuberger, Direcotr of Frauhofer IIS: "It is our job to give industry access to the latest technologies."

Prof. Albert Heuberger, Director of Fraunhofer IIS, explains the significance of research in the development and use of 5G and how it can benefit users.

The Machine Learning Forum brings experts and user together

Positioning and Networks / Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 8.11.2018

Dr. Stefan Barth, Stabilo GmbH
© Fraunhofer IIS, Paul Pulkert
Dr. Stefan Barth from Stabilo GmbH uses machine learning to teach pencils how to read

The Machine Learning Forum is a twice-yearly networking platform for industry and research. At the event on September 28, 2018 at Fraunhofer IIS in Nuremberg, we asked participants how they use machine learning in their companies.

The IoT enters the world of industry

Positioning and Networks / Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 11.7.2018

© Fraunhofer IIS/Karoline Glasow
Dr. Günter Rohmer is head of the Positioning and Networks Division.

Companies look to the Internet of Things (IoT) for reliable solutions that can be retrofitted to their applications. In an interview Dr. Günter Rohmer, head of the Positioning and Networks division, explained the key objectives for the IoT in industrial environments and set out the next milestones on the path towards Industry 4.0.


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