FutureIOT provides urban and rural connectivity solutions

July 21, 2021 | The FutureIOT platform captures and connects data from the real world. It can be used to coordinate processes and to monitor and optimize infrastructure. This is useful for a variety of applications, including animal health, parking space management, air quality measurement and connected sensor technology for fields. Dr. Christine Funk from Fraunhofer IIS is managing the joint project that brings together 29 companies and authorities as well as 11 partners from the scientific sector in Bavaria. Funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation, the project ran until the end of July 2021. In the video, IIS Executive Director Prof. Albert Heuberger explains how the platform benefits people and the environment.

“It’s all about connecting everyday things to the Internet.”

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The FutureIOT platform uses the mioty® technology developed at Fraunhofer IIS. Designed for massive IoT applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or in the smart city sector, this wireless sensor network reliably and robustly transmits many thousands of data packets at the same time and over long distances. The research work focused on testing and researching the technology’s transmission power and coverage, establishing a mioty ecosystem and implementing it in the partner companies’ products.

“The FutureIOT project marks a technological leap forward for Fraunhofer IIS,” Heuberger says. “And it has also created a strong network of research partners and users that will continue to come up with solutions in the future.”


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