Digital Film Technology Integrates Fraunhofer IIS’s easyDCP Post Production Software

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easyDCP allows for easy generation and play-out of digital cinema packages and offers a high quality, cost-effect way to create a variety of distribution formats. Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, the world’s renowned source for audio and multimedia technologies, announces today its partnership with Digital Film Technology (DFT), the supplier of professional solutions for postproduction, motion picture and TV industries. The new partnership integrates Fraunhofer IIS’s easyDCP into DFT’s FLEXXITY workflow, providing a more cost-effective way to create digital cinema packages (DCP) as a master format.

Though notoriously expensive to create, DCPs are highly regarded as the best replacement for film reels due to its high quality and ability to create a wide variety of distribution formats. DFT chose Fraunhofer IIS’s easyDCP due to its software- base that does not require costly additional hardware. In addition, the organization’s easyDCP cinema packages are compliant with the latest standards and can be used with all DCI-compliant cinema server systems. The solution also enables DCPs to be created and used for theater play-out and master format for the creation of further distribution formats through FLEXXITY, such as H.264.

Fraunhofer IIS scientists extended the functionalities of its easyDCP technology to enable the integration into host applications, for easy generation and play-out of digital cinema packages (DCP) in real time.

”With DFT we have gained a globally renowned partner who recognizes and relies on our expertise to enhance its products”, explains Heiko Sparenberg, head of the digital cinema group. “In order to integrate our software, core functionalities were bundled and extended to provide access for external systems. This required developing a new library to enable communication between our easyDCP and DFT’s FLEXXITY system.”

With more than 20 years of experience, Fraunhofer IIS is a trusted expert in digital cinema standardization and creation development. More than 500 customers already use its easyDCP software package worldwide, including the 2012 Berlinale International Film Festival, that relied on IIS´s software developments to support the technical quality control of all submissions.

Fraunhofer IIS will present its easyDCP software developments as well as camera and data compression developments at NAB 2012, booth #C8444. DFT will also showcase the integrated easyDCP software in the FLEXXITY workflow at C11145.

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