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Fraunhofer IIS’s 5G Bavaria Initiative aims to support the transition from research and standardization to application. Companies will have the opportunity to evaluate new functionalities in a fully comprehensive 5G system context. The tools used to achieve this include simulation and emulation in the lab as well as application specific 5G test beds within real mobile communications environments.

Test center at Fraunhofer IIS

Simulations and emulations of 5G technologies are conducted at the test center within virtual test environments. Thus, test center users receive timely feedback on the usability of 5G for their specific application, which then gives them time to work on prototypes and any further improvements they identify.

Test beds in Bavaria

In addition to the 5G test center, Fraunhofer IIS plans and coordinates the setup and operation of various 5G test beds in different regions across Bavaria. The test beds serve to perform specific customer use cases with 5G technology on a trial basis. This helps to test the possibilities and limits of 5G even before its roll-out is completed.

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