Test Environments for 5G Technologies

Reality check for your use cases

In the mobile communications world, the work on establishing 5G across the board is in full swing. However, this is made difficult by the complex transition from standardization to application. Companies need to build their products on the latest mobile technologies that are just being implemented in mobile communication networks. This creates a time window between the definition of new 5G features and their market availability, during which testing future communication applications is hardly possible without suitable test environments and in-depth knowledge from the ongoing 5G standardization.

To seamlessly close this gap, we specialize in developing testing procedures and test facilities tailored to the specific context of each application area. This makes 5G directly usable for companies and research institutions: they have the opportunity to explore and further develop the potentials of their product ideas and prototypes early on under realistic conditions.

Our offer includes a test center in Erlangen, an Automotive test bed in Rosenheim, an Industry 4.0 test bed in Nuremberg, a mobile positioning test bed, and a mobile campus network.

How to test your 5G applications

Fraunhofer IIS offers a variety of test environments where new functionalities can be evaluated in a 5G system context.


Test center at Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen

The first stop on the path to a prototype is our testing center. There, our expert team simulates new transmission technologies and analyzes whether they meet the necessary requirements.

The next step is emulation: Using special software and hardware, we reproduce real transmission scenarios to investigate wireless technologies in real-time. This allows you to receive quick feedback on the usability of 5G for your application.


Automotive test bed in Rosenheim

With our Automotive test bed, the connected mobility of the 5G generation hits the road directly. Spanning a 15 square kilometer test area in the south of Rosenheim, a 5G network with multiple base stations is deployed.

This creates an ideal infrastructure where real traffic situations can be integrated to test new applications in a controlled and reproducible environment.


Industry 4.0 test bed in Nürnberg

Our Industry 4.0 test bed assists you in transitioning your 5G applications and prototypes from the industrial and logistics sectors into market-ready products – even before the new mobile communication standard becomes widely available.

The test site is equipped with state-of-the-art mobile technology, providing access to an industrial 5G infrastructure that enables the testing of specific deployment scenarios.


Mobile campus network

Companies that set up and operate a local and private campus network can benefit from the advantages of 5G mobile communications, independent of the public infrastructure.

To assess in advance whether this is indeed the right solution for your specific requirements, we bring our mobile campus network, a transportable and standalone 5G test bed, directly to your location.

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