Mobile Broadband Communication

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Mobile Broadband Communication

Enabling data and voice communication anywhere at any time is the goal of mobile broadband communication. Following on from the 4th generation of mobile wireless networks (LTE), initial concepts for 5G are already being explored. The declared goal of 5G is to provide an all-encompassing network that combines functionalities such as voice transmission and fast Internet access with vehicle-to-vehicle and machine-type communication (MTC).

Our researchers are working in the area of wireless communication systems and high-speed communication. Our mobile communication testbed, which is equipped with two base stations, is the perfect environment for field-testing technologies against client-specific requirements. In the context of high-speed communication, our emphasis is on providing fronthaul and backhaul for base stations of mobile wireless networks and on transmission via two-wire or coaxial cable.

Technologies for 5G

New transmission and network technologies are crucial to 5G, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is playing an active role in their development. To this end, Fraunhofer IIS leverages its extensive expertise in wireless communications and positioning to create solutions tailored to customers’ unique imperatives and for diverse applications.


Mobile communications and beyond

5G technologies for mobile broadband, Industry 4.0, connected mobility and satellite communication

5G Bavaria

Test Center and Test Beds for 5G Technologies

Indoor mm-wave relay networks for 5G

Shared UE-side distributed antenna system (SUDAS) for improved indoor coverage and vehicular connectivity

Transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems

In communication applications, transmission quality is strongly dependent on how well the individual components perform. The weakest link in the signal chain determines the quality of the transmission. To increase the reliability of wireless communication and achieve higher data rates, Fraunhofer IIS is continuously enhancing transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems.


Tunable bandpass filters

High flexibility for future communication standards

High-speed data

Designing prototyping boards for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters

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