High-Speed Data Converters

Prototyping boards for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters

At the interface between physical signal transmission and digital signal processing, data converters ensure that transmitters and receivers are able to seamlessly exchange data streams. High-speed converters are needed for the correct sampling of broadband input signals. They convert analog into digital signals (A/D converters) and digital into analog signals (D/A converters) at high sampling rates.

Designing and implementing prototyping boards

By designing and implementing prototyping boards, Fraunhofer IIS helps manufacturers to develop and integrate high-performance A/D and D/A converters. Based on the requirements specification, we adapt the boards to the requisite performance parameters and interfaces. Using the prototyping boards, new A/D and D/A converters can be integrated into planned system architectures during the development process. Developers can test the performance capabilities of the components directly in the application context. Moreover, it becomes easier for them to implement and try out product adaptations at an early stage. This speeds up product design and reduces development costs.

Info graphic designing and implementing prototyping boards
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