Satellite Communication

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Satellite Communication

Fraunhofer IIS scientists develop solutions that help people and systems communicate globally via satellite. These solutions range from concept to implementation, comprising system and architecture definition, transmission technologies and components such as antennas, transmitters and receivers. In addition, our scientists develop ground station technologies and test equipment.

In the field of implementation of cutting edge communications technology, an unique hardware end-to-end test-bed was constructed for wideband DVB-S2X-compliant data transmission. In addition, continuous research on the development of wideband-capable equipment and techniques is practiced to further enhance true wideband transmission over satellite with respect to high throughput gains.

Our research in satellite communication is concerned with ground components, subsystems and systems for communication via satellite. Additionally, we develop satellite technologies and components such as the Fraunhofer On-Board Processor (FOBP), a reconfigurable processor for communication applications, or the SUGA antenna (Space User GNSS Antenna).


Internet of Things (IoT) via Satellite

Global connectivity


Fraunhofer On-Board Processor FOBP

For satellite-based, digital signal processing applications


FORTE SatCom on the Move (SOTM)

Far field SOTM testbed


DVB-S2X Technology

High efficiency satellite communication

Satellite communication antennas

We develop GNSS antenna solutions that meet all requirements of the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for precise positioning and interference-free navigation. We’ve even developed antennas for the extreme conditions in space.


Smart antenna systems

High-precision satellite navigation


GNSS Antennas

For highly precise and robust applications

Transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems

In communication applications, transmission quality is strongly dependent on how well the individual components perform. The weakest link in the signal chain determines the quality of the transmission. To increase the reliability of wireless communication and achieve higher data rates, Fraunhofer IIS is continuously enhancing transmitter and receiver components for software defined radio systems.


Tunable bandpass filters

High flexibility for future communication standards

High-speed data

Designing prototyping boards for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters

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