Realception® – Fraunhofer IIS provides first release of lightfield plug-in brand for professionals


Amsterdam/Erlangen: The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS announces their new Realception® brand for post-production tools that enable working with light-field or multi-camera data.

By now, almost at every film set more than one single camera is used to capture the scene. Especially for special shots or visual effects more and more cameras or even camera arrays are recording the production to generate as many different views as possible. These perspectives of one scene are then rectified and calculated into a unified representation of the scene in which visual effects of real-action content can be applied as known from CGI. That makes the light-field approach so appealing for new ways of content post-production. Effects like refocusing, virtual camera movements, re-lighting of scenes can be carried out with light-field technology – and with the Realception® tools from Fraunhofer IIS in a post-production environment that is familiar to most of the professionals.

Light-field post-production for VR

For VR applications light-field can also be one of the key solutions to enable real-action content that is rendered for perfect fit to VR glasses. With the possibility to create an almost “complete” natural representation of the scene the user gains six degrees of freedom to move not only his head, but furthermore to step back and forward or from one to the other side and get always a realistic impression of the content.

Currently, the Fraunhofer IIS researchers around Dr. Siegfried Foessel, Head of the Moving Picture department and Dr. Joachim Keinert, Head of the Computational Imaging Group are developing a tool-set to enable light-field post-production for VR within the Foundry´s NUKE environment. “We came to the conclusion that creation of photo-realistic VR content requires a new tool set that significantly exceeds the capabilities of today´s workflows. Realception® aims to provide these new tools to experts that want to explore new ways of VR content creation,” says Dr. Joachim Keinert.

The Realception® plug-ins are available for licensing to professional pilot users.


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