Range of Services

Fraunhofer IIS – Your Partner!

Fraunhofer IIS is a partner for industrial customers and public institutions.

We develop, implement and optimize processes, products and equipment until they are ready for use and for the market. Flexible interlinking of expertise and capacities enables us to meet extremely broad project requirements and complex system solutions.

Advice and Support

We collaborate with our customers to get their projects off the ground and support them during implementation.

You can come to us for advice on technology questions, to help you improve individual work processes or to commission us to develop your product from start to finish.

Project Guidance
We assess your requirements, select the suitable technology and carry out commercial and technical feasibility studies. Based on the overall results, we offer you guidance to help you make investment decisions. In addition, we support you in implementing the new technology and help you to successfully realize your applications.

Studies - Innovating Knowledge

Are you looking to determine the potential, the application areas and the challenges for your project or your new technology? In the run-up to any research collaboration, we advise our customers on

  • custom-designed studies
  • feasibility and acceptance studies
  • market observations
  • trend analyses
  • profitability calculations

Research and Development

Companies of all sizes in the industrial and service sectors benefit from contract research. Fraunhofer IIS represents an important source of know-how for small and medium-sized companies that do not maintain their own R&D departments.

Licensing of Technologies and Systems

We make the results of our research activities available to industry, either as patents or licenses.

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Fraunhofer Match − the quick way to a solution

Fraunhofer Match is the central platform for placing research requests with Fraunhofer. With around 80 Fraunhofer institutes, we cover all areas of applied science. Tell us about your challenge or project − and Fraunhofer Match will put you in touch with researchers with the right expertise to develop solutions together.