Supply Chain Services

Bringing data under control

The Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS leverages data to optimize business processes by combining economic methods and technological solutions with mathematical procedures and models: at its Nuremberg and Bamberg sites, the Center designs data spaces for complete networked systems and rapidly deployable IoT prototypes, develops cutting-edge data analytics methods in concrete applications, and supports the organizational and strategic implementation of the digital transformation.

Range of Services

Our fields of research are where our vision takes shape, and where we expand our expertise and domain knowledge. Find out more about our current focus projects in our fields of research.


Data spaces and IoT prototypes

Freeing data from application and system constraints and making it portable


Cutting-edge data analytics methods

Extracting the unique assets in companies’ data using analytics methods and artificial intelligence


Strategy and organization in the digital transformation

Bringing new perspectives to companies and guiding them through the challenges of digital transformation

Fields of research at Fraunhofer SCS


Successful digital transformation requires extensive methodological expertise that specifically caters to the demands of the application environment. This is the only way for companies to develop a future-oriented vision.

Accordingly, in our fields of research we combine our methodological expertise in economics, technology and mathematics with concrete application know-how, and continually develop both in research projects.


ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications

With its unparalleled combination of AI research and AI applications in industry, the ADA Center is a forum in which partners can forge mutual connections, benefit from each other’s know-how, and work on joint projects.


Technologies and Solutions for Digitalized Value Creation

In practice, it is easier for companies to embark on digital transformation when it delivers clear added value. Accordingly, our solutions are optimized to bring clear cost and usage efficiency – and they integrate into your existing intralogistics and industrial processes at the interface between humans and technology. We are your partner in the digital transformation.


Scientific expertise in the reference process

The methodological expertise developed in our fields of research is informed by our specially developed Reference Process for Digital Transformation. Read about what this initiative means to us, and how we can use our expertise to comprehensively support companies.

About Fraunhofer SCS

About Us

This section describes our structure at both the organizational and departmental level, how we pursue expertise geared toward the processes of the digital transformation, the specialized infrastructure we offer, and which experts we place at your disposal.

Organization and departments

Information about our structure – from the organizational chart to our individual departments.

Competence centers and infrastructure

Use our competence centers as your own infrastructure – e.g., SCS coworking spaces for agile project development, the JOSEPHS® innovation lab for your service tests, or the L.I.N.K. Hall for IoT prototype testing.

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