The strongest chain wins

Supply Chain

Today, providing people with goods, information or services using effective, cost-efficient and yet sustainable methods calls for comprehensive solutions that take into account the entire supply chain. For this reason, within the Supply Chain field of research we do more than analyze a company's environment and its business and services processes. We also develop suitable smart object technologies such as RFID, wireless sensor networks and real-time positioning and navigation systems and transfer them into practice .


Supply Chain – at a glance


Optimal markets, networks and processes

Our many years of experience in research, as well as neutrality as an independent entity, is demonstrated in each and every one of our services. We offer the four drivers of mobility in supply chains  – market, networks, processes, technologies.



The business of the future lies in services. Strong and particularly sustainable growth can be achieved at sophisticated locations already today, almost only with innovative and intelligent services. Therefore, we systematically develop for you new and complex value-added services – from the first idea up to their marketability.  


Smart technologies

Intelligent object technology is revolutionizing logistics. and intelligent objects make professional Supply Chain Management possible.