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Fraunhofer IIS' four generations of audio codecs

The Audio and Media Technologies division of Fraunhofer IIS has been an authority in its field for more than 30 years, starting with the creation of mp3 and co-development of AAC and HE-AAC. Today, almost all consumer electronic devices, computers and mobile phones are equipped with Fraunhofer’s media technologies. The fourth generation of Fraunhofer audio codecs, along with the latest signal processing solutions, stands for impressive audio experiences and is tailored to specific fields of application respectively.

With the test plan for the Digital Cinema Initiative and the recognized software suite easyDCP, Fraunhofer IIS significantly pushed the digitization of cinema. The most recent technological achievements for moving pictures are light-field data processing tools and new low complexity codec standards for professional video production.

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Chinese broadcasting organizations join forces with Fraunhofer IIS for DRM in China

To further strengthen the strategic cooperation for the development and application of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) in mainland China, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between China’s Administrative Bureau of Radio Stations (ABRS) of NRTA and Fraunhofer IIS.  


KISS: A new project in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Fraunhofer IIS and FAU are teaming up to dive deeper into research in the field of machine learning. Their recently launched project “KISS” (German abbreviation that corresponds to “Laboratory for system level design of machine learning-based signal processing applications”) investigates new development tools to improve AI-based algorithms in signal processing.  


Adaptive bit rate audio codec xHE-AAC now natively supported on Apple, Amazon and Android products

Consumer devices powered by the latest Android, Fire and Apple operating systems support the most efficient AAC codec with mandatory MPEG-D DRC loudness and dynamic range control metadata – delivering a seamless streaming experience on any device in any environment.

360 Reality Audio Music Services and Devices Announced with MPEG-H

»We’re developing the European version of a voice assistant.«

Globo successfully used MPEG-H Audio for ISDB‑Tb terrestrial and 5G broadcast during Rock in Rio

Fraunhofer SPEAKER project rewarded at AI innovation competition by German government

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Fraunhofer IIS offers contract-based research and development services, and provides its customers with guidance through the maze of media standards and technologies.


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The mp3 history

Learn more about the early days of the mp3 invention, meet the team that stands behind this successful technology or browse through some facts and figures.

Tradeshows and Events


CES 2020

Visit us at booth 20654 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1. We show:

  • Symphoria 3.0: Discrete immersive 3D music playback in cars
  • MPEG-H Audio: Personalized and immersive sound for broadcast and streaming
  • upHear Immersive Audio Virtualizer: Cinematic sound for every home
  • xHE-AAC: The audio codec of choice for music and video streaming
  • upHear Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE): Robust keyword spotting for smart assistants


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