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When it comes to advanced audio technologies for the rapidly evolving media world, Fraunhofer IIS stands alone. For more than 25 years, digital audio technology has been the principal focus of the Audio and Media Technologies division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS). From the creation of mp3 and the co-development of AAC to the future of audio entertainment, Fraunhofer IIS brings innovations in sound to reality. 

Today, technologies such as Fraunhofer Cingo® for immersive VR audio, Fraunhofer Symphoria® for automotive 3D audio, AAC-ELD and EVS for telephone calls with CD-like audio quality, and MPEG-H Audio that allows television viewers to adjust dialogue volume to suit their personal preferences are among the division’s most compelling new developments.

Audio and Media Technologies - At a glance


Fraunhofer IIS is home of the organization’s Audio and Media Technologies division that has been working in audio coding technology for more than 25 years.



Fraunhofer IIS is the worldwide leading developer and provider of audio codecs and multimedia technologies for various markets, including Automotive, Broadcasting and Streaming.


Fraunhofer IIS offers contract-based research and development services, and provides its customers with guidance through the maze of multimedia standards and technologies.


If you are planning on integrating our technolgies into your products, you will need both a software and a patent license. Please see the following pages to have a better understanding of our general licensing processes.

The mp3 history

Learn more about the early days of the mp3 invention, meet the team that stands behind this successful technology or browse through some facts and figures.


Be it product sheets, technical papers or application bulletins. We have just what you need to learn more about our technologies and their technical background.

Hot topic: Virtual Reality

What does the Fraunhofer IIS offer for the emerging field of Virtual Reality?


Audio and Media Technologies press releases

Please find all recent Audio and Media Technologies press releases in the news section of Fraunhofer IIS.

1/5/2017: LG Licenses MPEG-H Software from Fraunhofer IIS for 2017 TV Models

1/4/2017: Fraunhofer IIS Brings Immersive Sound to Consumers’ Homes through MPEG-H Enabled 3D Soundbar

1/3/2017: Fraunhofer Announces MPEG-H Trademark to Identify Interoperable Products

Fraunhofer Audio-Blog

Do you want to learn more about our division's latest news?

Our Fraunhofer Audio-Blog allows you to have a look behind the scenes of audio coding and signal processing.

Fraunhofer IIS MPEG-H Enabled 3D Soundbar

In early 2017, Fraunhofer IIS will introduce an MPEG-H enabled immersive soundbar and audio video receiver (AVR) reference design allowing convenient delivery of 3D sound into consumers’ homes, bringing audio quality to new levels.

In an effort to make the AVR reference design available to original equipment manufacturers, Fraunhofer is implementing MPEG-H and Fraunhofer’s 3D soundbar processing technology on TI’s 66AK2G02 SoC, an industry-leading platform for AVRs and soundbars.


PIXTREE Integrates Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H TV Audio System in UHD Broadcast Encoder

The South Korean digital multimedia solution provider makes an industry-leading move as an early supporter of the next generation audio technology mainly developed by the world-renowned audio experts at Fraunhofer IIS.


Fraunhofer Announces MPEG-H Trademark to Identify Interoperable Products

In preparation for the start of the world’s first TV broadcast services with next-generation audio features – South Korea’s new MPEG-H-based ATSC 3.0 broadcast channels scheduled to go on the air in February – Fraunhofer IIS has developed a trademark program for products incorporating its MPEG-H TV Audio System.

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