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When it comes to advanced audio and video technologies for the rapidly evolving media world, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) stands alone. Spanning from the creation of mp3, the co-development of AAC, and building the DCI test plan for the worldwide interchangeability of digital cinema movies, to designing the future of audio and video entertainment, Fraunhofer IIS has been an innovator in sound and vision for over 25 years.

Today, audio technologies such as Fraunhofer Cingo® for immersive audio on mobile devices, Fraunhofer Symphoria® for automotive 3D audio, AAC-ELD and EVS for telephone calls with CD-like audio quality, xHE-AAC for streaming and digital radio, and MPEG-H Audio, that allows television viewers to adjust dialogue volume to suit their personal preferences, are among the division’s most compelling new developments.

In the field of moving picture technologies, latest achievements include easyDCP for the creation and playback of digital cinema packages and master formats, as well as Realception®, a tool for light-field data processing. In addition, Fraunhofer is developing new image coding systems based on JPEG2000 and JPEG XS.

Audio and Media Technologies - At a glance


Fraunhofer IIS is home to the organization’s Audio and Media Technologies division that has been working in audio and image coding and signal processing for more than 25 years.



Fraunhofer IIS is the worldwide leading developer and provider of audio codecs and multimedia technologies for various markets, including Automotive, Broadcasting, Post-production and Streaming.


Fraunhofer IIS offers contract-based research and development services, and provides its customers with guidance through the maze of media standards and technologies.


If you are planning on integrating our technolgies into your products, you will need both a software and a patent license. Please see the following pages to have a better understanding of our general licensing processes.

The mp3 history

Learn more about the early days of the mp3 invention, meet the team that stands behind this successful technology or browse through some facts and figures.


Be it product sheets, technical papers or application bulletins. We have just what you need to learn more about our technologies and their technical background.

MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in

The MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in works with all popular DAWs and facilitates the workflow of MPEG-H Audio content production. It is available free of charge for professional users in TV broadcasting.


Audio and Media Technologies press releases

Please find all recent Audio and Media Technologies press releases in the news section of Fraunhofer IIS.

12/19/2018: Fraunhofer IIS to present several CES debuts

9/17/2018: easyDCP software suite – Ten years of enabling easy access to Digital Cinema

9/17/2018: Fraunhofer IIS introduces SDK for JPEG XS image coding

Fraunhofer Audio Blog

Do you want to learn more about our division's latest news?

Our Fraunhofer Audio Blog allows you to have a look behind the scenes of audio coding and signal processing.


Growing number of Android 9 Pie devices with xHE-AAC

In the run-up to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, an increasing number of smartphone manufacturers have announced the availability of the Android 9 Pie mobile operating system for their handsets: either as an update, or pre-installed on new models. The OS comes with new mandatory audio components, including Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC audio codec and the MPEG-D DRC Loudness and Dynamic Range metadata standard.


A look back at CES 2019

Does it happen every so often that poor network connectivity causes your favorite streaming service to drop when you’re on the go?
Do you regularly have problems listening to dialogues in TV shows because the ambience or music in the scene is too loud?
At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Fraunhofer IIS showcased audio technologies which present the solutions to these and other issues.


Spatial Audio Designer integrates MPEG-H

New Audio Technology now offers a free upgrade for its Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) software, which includes complete support of MPEG-H Audio. SAD Version 2 is available for MacOS and Windows and supports the creation, authoring, monitoring and export of MPEG-H master files.

Tradeshows and Events


CCBN 2019

Together with global partners, Fraunhofer IIS will showcase an MPEG-H Audio end-to-end broadcast chain, as well as production and transmission tools and devices supporting the China 3D Audio (C3DA) draft standard.

The Fraunhofer 3D soundbar reference design with upHear Immersive Audio Virtualizer will demonstrate how to deliver cinema-style immersive sound to consumers in a convenient, high-quality fashion.

And CCBN visitors can put xHE-AAC to the test, as various video and Internet radio streaming applications using the latest codec from the AAC family will be on display.


NAB 2019

Fraunhofer IIS will showcase the most advanced audio features of the ATSC 3.0 next-generation standard with an MPEG-H Audio end-to-end chain for broadcast and DASH streaming, as well as the latest production tools and authoring units for creation of MPEG-H Audio content. Next-Generation Audio is already a reality with MPEG-H.


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