For more than 10 years, automotive audio has been an important part of product development at Fraunhofer IIS. Our researchers, engineers and Tonmeisters dedicate their work to providing all vehicle occupants with the best sound possible. Today, in nearly every brand new car, you can enjoy our audio technologies, such as mp3 and AAC decoding, DAB / DAB + and DRM receiver solutions, as well as Symphoria and Sonamic algorithms for sound enhancement.

We are convinced that high-quality audio systems will be even more important in future cars than they are today. In an autonomous vehicle, you no longer have to concentrate on the road, instead you can enjoy your free time in the car: listen to your favorite music, watch an exciting movie or enjoy a computer game.


Fraunhofer Symphoria

Fraunhofer Symphoria creates a new sense of dimensionality and spaciousness by increasing width, depth and even height of the sound image in a car. This results in a broad and clearly defined front stage as well as a perfectly balanced surround sound field for each seat.


Fraunhofer Sonamic

Under the umbrella of Fraunhofer Sonamic, a new set of technologies expands the automotive sound product range to intelligent audio processing. This new set of technologies takes customer experience of in-car entertainment systems to a new level.

JPEG XS - New Mezzanine Image Codec

JPEG XS stands for extra speed and extra small. Take a closer look at JPEG XS – the new low complexity image coding standard.  

Automotive Communication

Powerful data links are the key enabling technology for the car of the future. We offer a wide range of solutions for automotive in the areas of infotainment, intelligent connectivity and antenna systems.