Content Production

Producing movies or broadcast contributions in a wide variety of formats requires extensive specialized knowledge. To meet the growing demands of content production, Fraunhofer IIS conducts research and development for technologies and systems for generating, transmitting and storing film and music content.




image codec for video-over-IP

JPEG XS stands for eXtra Speed and eXtra Small. Take a closer look at JPEG XS - the new low complexity codec standard for professional video production.


IMF Studio
Software Suite

IMF Studio enables the creation of Interoperable Master Packages (IMPs).

Due to a very flexible subscription licensing model, IMF Studio allows users to create complex workflows in local and cloud-based environments.


Software Suite

With the software tool easyDCP Fraunhofer IIS offers an easy-to-handle solution for the creation and playback of standard compliant DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages).

 easyDCP functionally is available by licensing software with API or a plugin for the third party post-production tools




With Realception®, our experts have developed a plug-in suite for light field and multi-camera data.

The plug-in suite is implemented for Foundry´s Nuke useable in professional post-production.


MPEG-H Authoring Suite

The MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS) works with all popular DAWs and facilitates the workflow of MPEG-H Audio content production. It is available free of charge for professional users in TV broadcasting.