Fraunhofer IIS and KeyStone Introduce World’s First Journaline on Android Phones by Bluetooth Radio Wizard Technology

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Fraunhofer IIS and KeyStone Demonstrate Digital Radio Advanced Text Service Journaline on Android Phones by Employing KeyStone’s Bluetooth Radio Wizard Technology at IFA and IBC 2012.

KeyStone Semiconductor Corp. (KeyStone), a fabless semiconductor developer of advanced digital radio turn-key technology announces that a joined project between Fraunhofer IIS, the world’s renowned source for digital radio and audio technologies, and KeyStone has come to a fruitful success to enable popular Journaline service with live news information shown on Android phones based on Keystone’s patent-awarded Bluetooth Radio Wizard technology (BRW).

Journaline, the standardized advanced text application for digital radio, offers mass live information available on digital radio receivers, easily accessible to the listener by browsing the broadcaster-defined categories while listening to his preferred station. This broadcasted text information can be further hyperlinked to online web pages for more details, to phone numbers for direct call-ins to talk shows, or to SMS messages to easily participate in polls or to order the featured song. Using KeyStone’s BRW technology, Journaline content can now be browsed conveniently on Bluetooth enabled smart phones and tablets, even if the digital radio receiver itself only provides a minimalistic text screen or no screen at all. BRW supports multiple radio standards such as AM, FM, DAB/DAB+, DRM (DRM30/DRM+), HD Radio, etc.

Thanks to the BRW App, it allows users to interact with Bluetooth radio speakers and to receive live DAB slide show (SLS), radio channel list, emergency data, and now Journaline services on a smart phone or tablet screen. Through BRW technology, Journaline information can not only easily be read and browsed on a smart phone’s large color display but can also be hyperlinked to web pages, phone calls, SMS messages, etc. on phones and tables equipped with Internet access and/or 3G, respectively. This exciting hybrid radio option enables digital radio broadcasters and advertisers to interact with and energize their listeners in a completely new way.

Live demonstration of Journaline via BRW technology on Android platforms will be held at Fraunhofer’s booth (Booth 10 Hall 11.1) and at KeyStone’s meeting room (Room #402 Hall 27) at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and at Fraunhofer’s booth (Booth B80 Hall 8) at IBC Show 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.