Kai Media Integrates Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H Audio in New 4K UHD Live Broadcast Encoder

ERLANGEN, Germany/LAS VEGAS, Nevada (April 13, 2016) – In an effort to develop advanced broadcast encoding solutions, Kai Media takes cutting-edge steps in Korean broadcast market with the integration of MPEG-H Audio software from the world-renowned audio experts at Fraunhofer IIS. The latest broadcast encoder developed by Kai Media, the KME-U4K, will support MPEG-H Audio encoding of immersive and interactive sound.

The KME-U4K broadcast encoder supports MPEG-H Audio.
© Kai Media
The KME-U4K broadcast encoder supports MPEG-H Audio.

Kai Media is among the initial manufacturers of professional broadcast encoders to support Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H software in the Korean market. Broadcast equipment customers will benefit from MPEG-H Audio’s unrivaled features, including:

  • Interactive audio: Consumers will have the ability to adjust the sound mix to their preferences, for example choosing between different commentators in a sporting event;
  • Immersive sound: Comparable to moving from stereo to surround sound, MPEG-H adds 3D audio components to deliver a truly immersive experience.

KME-U4K is a high-performance and notably reliable 4K UHD live encoder. Developed with dedicated hardware on a server, KME-U4K provides outstanding functionality while remaining practical and flexible. The adoption of the MPEG-H Audio encoder software from Fraunhofer IIS adds advanced audio features in addition to real-time encoding up to 4K UHD and four FHD channels.

“Kai Media’s adoption of MPEG-H Audio software for the KME-U4K encoder represents another milestone in Fraunhofer’s continued efforts to deliver high quality applications of advanced audio technologies to the evolving media world, particularly in South Korea,” said Robert Bleidt, Division General Manager at Fraunhofer USA. “MPEG-H Audio enables professional broadcasters to deliver premium content to viewers with the next-generation quality of audio,” he added.

MPEG-H Audio allows broadcasters and streaming services to deliver the future of streaming and TV audio at comparably low bit rates and in a cost-effective manner. MPEG-H Audio is under consideration for next-generation UHDTV broadcast standards and for ATSC 3.0 audio standard.

“As a developer of a variety of functional solutions for broadcasters that utilize international video and audio standard techniques, the added benefits and features of MPEG-H Audio will be an industry game changer. We are pleased to announce our early adoption of the MPEG-H Audio software for our 4K UHD live encoder, which offers professional broadcast customers features such as interactive audio and immersive sound,” said Jin Suk Kwak, Director from Kai Media.

Visitors can experience MPEG-H Audio at Fraunhofer’s booth SU6716 at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas and at booth D340 at KOBA 2016 in Seoul.

For more information about Fraunhofer IIS and Kai Media, visit www.iis.fraunhofer.de/audio and http://www.kai-media.com.