Fraunhofer IIS Debuts Cingo 3D Sound for Mobile at CES 2015

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Visitors can experience a new level of virtual reality with the rendering of immersive 3D sound by Fraunhofer’s Cingo mobile audio suite on Samsung Gear VR.

Erlangen, Germany/Las Vegas, USA, January 5, 2015 – CES, South Hall 1, 20418 – Fraunhofer IIS will demonstrate the new 3D sound capabilities of Cingo with the Samsung Gear VR head mounted display for the first time at CES. The latest advancements to Cingo add a height dimension to the sound, allowing listeners to perceive elements from in front, behind, above or below creating a truly immersive sound experience.

»We are thrilled to showcase Cingo’s new level of reality as it now supports rendering of 3D audio content alongside the unmatched surround sound experience,« said Harald Popp, head of the Business department of the Audio & Multimedia division of Fraunhofer IIS. »Our partnership with Samsung in the virtual reality domain enables an audio experience that adds another layer of realism to Gear VR, one of the most innovative entertainment products.«

Developed by the world renowned experts in audio and multimedia technologies at Fraunhofer IIS, Cingo dramatically improves the consumer experience by achieving significantly enhanced playback of stereo and surround sound on mobile devices. Furthermore, Cingo delivers natural and clear sound even in the noisiest environments.  

Cingo is available from Fraunhofer as a product-ready software implementation for mobile device manufacturers, chip set vendors and providers of multimedia services. It has been deployed in all Google Nexus phones and tablets as well as many video service provider apps.

Show attendees can experience Cingo 3D at the Fraunhofer booth at CES 2015 (South Hall 1, booth 20418)

About Cingo

Fraunhofer Cingo creates a realistic immersive sound impression when listening to surround or 3D content over stereo speakers or headphones. Based on the latest developments in audio technology, Fraunhofer Cingo contains a complete set of tools to deliver an exceptional level of audio quality, unmatched on mobile devices.

With the virtual sound mode each audio channel is presented as a virtual sound source in such a way that it is heard from a specific location and distance, for example a loudspeaker of a 5.1 or 11.1 speaker setup in a living room. This enables the playback of stereo, surround or 3D sound over the built-in speakers or any type of headphones.

The loudness optimization feature of Cingo delivers a natural and clear sound even in the most challenging situations. Together with the equalizing algorithm, which compensates for the common audio quality deficiencies often encountered with smartphones and tablets, Fraunhofer Cingo ensures significantly improved audio quality in any listening situation.