Annual Report: Highlights 2021

Mastering challenges together – for a successful future

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The coronavirus pandemic dominated the year 2021, challenging people worldwide on an unforeseen scale. Despite the difficulties, we were able to ensure continuity in our research projects and pursue them with our usual performance. The highlight articles in the 2021 Annual Report showcase our successful research work and the projects and activities we developed and pushed ahead with, along with their practical implementation.

A crucial topic that will take center stage over the coming years is digital sovereignty. In particular, it will be the key to the innovation capability and competitiveness of the German economy. It will involve a wide variety of areas, ranging from the development of hardware to the use of artificial intelligence and its translation into applications. Strengthening digital sovereignty in Germany is a collective and comprehensive project to which Fraunhofer IIS is contributing with its broad know-how and proven expertise.

Meanwhile, important topics such as quantum technology, artificial intelligence and sustainable information and communications technology will remain on our agenda. It is our stated goal to strategically advance these subjects and develop practical uses to benefit our partners.

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mioty® wireless technology: Award-winning and standardized


Institute Director Dr. Bernhard Grill appointed honorary professor


Moving in to the new institute building in Dresden


Nurturing early careers at research campus in Waischenfeld


Passing of baton in Smart Sensing and Electronics

Research has many faces


We define fields of research, turning knowledge into technology for lead markets – which in turn adds value for society as a whole.



AI revolutionizes the supply chain



Better audio experiences around the world



Switching and measuring with unique precision



New gold standard for industrial CT



Golden opportunity to try out 5G


Short reports



Quantum world: From research to application


Trusted electronic hardware – from Achilles heel to rock-solid foundation


With an attitude between thirst for action and the spirit of research, we tackle even seemingly unsolvable problems – for the world of tomorrow.


On the road to digital sovereignty in Europe with Fraunhofer IIS


Creating a sustainable future


IoT for smart cities and smart agriculture

High-Performance Center Electronic Systems (LZE)


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January 1 to December 31, 2021
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