Annual Report: Highlights 2022

Shaping a livable future together

despite difficult political and economic conditions, 2022 was another good year for Fraunhofer IIS. Our Annual Report provides you with an overview of the diverse range of research projects carried out last year as well as their practical applications.

The challenges of the current energy crisis coupled with the pressing need for climate action are shifting the focus of our work even more toward creating resource-efficient digital technologies. By increasing the sustainability of information and communication technologies and reducing the complexity of value chains in semiconductor production, we are making major inroads into saving energy and lowering CO2 emissions. Our Green ICT @ FMD competence center, for instance, is a key point of contact for green microelectronics. Turn to page 56 to learn more.

Other highlights featured in this report include AI-driven facial recognition, quantum-safe data transmission, sustainable agriculture, 5G technology and AI technology for clear TV dialogue.

Directors of Fraunhofer IIS

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Directors of Fraunhofer IIS Prof. Albert Heuberger, Prof. Bernhard Grill, Prof. Alexander Martin


Emphasizes the diversity of researchers and all employees who provide solutions across countries and disciplines.



Knowledge meets play: The new Fraunhofer IIS AI showroom



The Long Night of the Sciences at Fraunhofer IIS


United by diversity



»Diversity is integral to Fraunhofer IIS culture. We need the brightest minds from all over the world.«

Dr. Peter Dittrich
Deputy Director of the Institute
Fraunhofer IIS




RFicient® – Wireless, efficient, sustainable


Fraunhofer defines fields of research, turning knowledge into technology for lead markets – which in turn adds value for society as a whole.


#WeKnowHow: Smart Sensing

Interpreting facial expressions with AI


#WeKnowHow: Adaptive Systems

Quantum-safe data transmission made in Saxony


#WeKnowHow: Communication

5G for tomorrow's mobility


#WeKnowHow: Communication

New simulation platform available


#WeKnowHow: X-Ray

Preparing for climate change with sensor technology


#WeKnowHow: Digital Transformation

Promoting intermodal transportation


#WeKnowHow: Digital Transformation

Technologies and data pave the way for a circular economy


#WeKnowHow: Positioning

Professional mobile communications applications with global appeal


#WeKnowHow: Audio

AI technology for clear TV dialogue


With an attitude between thirst for action and the spirit of research, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft tackles even seemingly unsolvable problems – for the world of tomorrow.



Resource-efficient technologies for sustainable, global value creation



In the name of sustainability

Outlook: Neuromorphic computing as an AI accelerator


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Agnes Pelzl (editor-in-chief), Thoralf Dietz, Patricia Petsch


Editorial team

Dr. Janine van Ackeren, Christine Broll, Clara Conradt, Dr. Katja Engel, Mandy Garcia, Simon Hagen, Syndia Ioannidou, Jennifer Karbach, Thomas Kestler, Sandra Kundel, Angela Raguse-Fößel, Daniela Rembor, Tim Schröder, Diana Staack-Tettling, Lucas Westermann, Claudia Wutz


Report period

January 1 to December 31, 2022

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