Chips that increase sovereignty in cybersecurity

Better security in the digital age thanks to the Trusted Electronic Center Bayern 


As the world becomes more digital, it is becoming increasingly important to protect electronic devices from outside attacks. Trusted electronics and data security are the basis for all secure, digital and connected systems, for the Internet of Things and for AI. Providers and integrators of microelectronics therefore need to be able to trace their development and manufacturing and inspect their functions for both hardware and software.

Together with Fraunhofer AISEC and Fraunhofer EMFT, we are working on precisely these solutions as part of the Trusted Electronics project.

Through the planned Trusted Electronic Center Bayern (TrEB) and the corresponding expansion in research infrastructure, we will be taking a major step forward in the development of tailored technology and system solutions for reliable and trusted electronics. In turn, this will help us solve current and future challenges in microelectronics. The TrEB will serve as a point of contact particularly for Bavarian industrial companies and SMEs. It will offer straightforward access to trusted secure technologies as well as integrated analog and digital hardware complete with software, system protection solutions and state-of-the-art analysis labs.

The role of Fraunhofer IIS is to use innovative methods in design and testing to protect intellectual property along the value chain of microelectronic components and systems. In this project, our focus is on developing a secure design flow for circuit components and processors. In addition, we help implement solutions to create a secure element platform and secure neuromorphic hardware, and assist with the provision of IPs relating to functionally secure sensors for industrial plants, the automotive industry and medical engineering.