Research areas

The Development Center X-ray Technology at Fraunhofer IIS is working on a huge variety of projects and technologies. Here you will find an overview of the main topics we focus on. These different areas are characterized by the fact that their development is not only forward-looking and innovative, but also highly relevant for society. We are making steady progress in these areas, paving the way for new breakthrough technologies.

Research areas at a glance



We employ three-dimensional, nondestructive monitoring systems to survey plants in as comprehensive, accurate and above all harmless a way as possible.


Production monitoring of cast parts using X-ray technology

We develop systems using X-ray technology (2D and computed tomography) for production monitoring.


Sensor-based sorting

Dual energy methods are used to identify and separate raw materials, especially in the recycling sector.


Cultural heritage research

We use X-ray computed tomography to create three-dimensional volume data sets depicting cultural heritage objects.