Fraunhofer IIS Announces the Worldwide Launch of Diveemo the New Small-Scale Video Service for Digital Radio Mondiale

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Fraunhofer IIS, the leading innovator of technologies for cutting-edge audio and multimedia systems, today announced the worldwide launch of Diveemo®, the new small-scale video service for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) at IBC 2010. Initiated as a joint effort between Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia and Chengdu NewStar Electronics, Diveemo delivers cost efficient large-area distribution of education and information video programs via DRM.

Developed by Fraunhofer IIS, Diveemo will be showcased Monday, 13 Sept. at the launch event hosted by the DRM Consortium at the Thomson booth, 1.D11. The launch will feature the world’s first Diveemo transmission of a live video broadcast with BBC content displayed on a NewStar DRM receiver. The service will also be showcased at the Fraunhofer IIS booth 8.C81 for the duration of the IBC 2010 exhibition.

DRM transmissions over shortwave have virtually unlimited coverage possibilities ranging from 100 to well over 5,000,000 square kilometres depending on the transmission conditions and broadcast parameters. The service opens the door to a large range of unprecedented information and education services and is an ideal platform to reach au­diences worldwide with a single DRM transmitter or an even more cost-efficient DRM single frequency network. Diveemo offers free-of-charge reception and is independent of gatekeeper and third party providers like satellite and cable networks.

“Fraunhofer IIS developed Diveemo together with its partners Thomson and NewStar as the unique and cost-effective way to reach millions of people anytime, anywhere with a single terrestrial DRM transmitter,” said Alexander Zink, project manager of Diveemo at Fraunhofer IIS. “With the low-cost implementation on the transmitter and receiver side, Diveemo allows broadcasters to reach audiences that otherwise could not participate easily in up-to-date sharing of latest information and education programs and that so far were dependent on audio-only radio services.”

Diveemo is designed to offer a convenient mobile small-scale video service experience, allowing users to quickly switch between channels and enjoy consistent audio and video even under bad reception conditions. A video stream can be accompanied by one or more audio streams, allowing for synchronous, multi-language support. Diveemo enabled receivers also feature all the benefits of the DRM Digital Radio standard, such as service selection by Unicode compatible station labels, alternative frequency signalling and switching, announcement and warning/alert features. Diveemo is on track to be standardized by ETSI in the near future.

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