TALENTA support program for female scientists

Attracting more women into applied research is a key objective of Fraunhofer. Our comprehensive support program for female scientists is one of the ways in which we are working successfully towards this goal.

Regardless of whether you have just entered the world of practical research, have already gained relevant professional experience, or are already leading your own team, it’s worth taking a closer look at our program if you want to inject additional dynamism into your career. “Fraunhofer TALENTA” is tailored directly to your needs at the current stage of your career and provides you with appropriate training schemes. So-called “career time” gives you the necessary time and space in your working day for your own professional further development.


Priority areas at your specific career stage


Start of career: Fraunhofer TALENTA start

TALENTA start is aimed at female university graduates. It provides them with helpful guidance as they begin their career in applied research as well as helping them to develop their interdisciplinary skills.

Career acceleration: Fraunhofer TALENTA speed up

TALENTA speed up is tailored to female scientists within or external to Fraunhofer who have some professional experience and who wish to take on responsibilities in a managerial or technical position. They receive specific offers of further training to allow them to fast-track their careers.

Career perfection: Fraunhofer TALENTA excellence

TALENTA excellence is directed at women who are aspiring to – or already hold – a senior managerial position at Fraunhofer. It aims to promote their professional and personal development.

Furthermore, the supplementary program is tailored to your specific life and career stage. It covers a whole host of additional topics, such as project management, scientific work and publishing, intercultural skills, strategic self-management, and leadership skills. You can also continue to discuss ideas on the TALENTA.net platform after your time in the program ends.

Who can apply?

The focus is on STEM subjects, in particular engineering and technical subject groups. Your application to participate in TALENTA is made in conjunction with the institute that decided to nominate you.

How can you apply?

One important prerequisite for a successful application is that we, as an institute, have a suitable position to offer you.

We therefore invite you to find out more about our research topics and the positions currently advertised on our website. If you find what you’re looking for, we would be delighted to receive an application from you for a specific position or indeed a speculative application regarding one or more research topics at our institute. We will then contact the respective department to clarify whether an application can be made to the TALENTA support program and will work with you to get the next steps of the procedure under way.