Driver Monitoring Systems

Multimodal Analysis for In-Cabin Sensing: more Safety and Comfort while driving

Reliable systems for driver state detection are an essential prerequisite for autonomous driving. Safety-related requirements and legal regulations are driving the integration of driver monitoring systems:

Automotive – Safety – Health – Well-Being

Technologies for Driver Monitoring Systems


Contactless Driver State Recognition

  • Face and emotion analysis
  • Biosignal analysis: heart rate
  • RGB & IR
  • Onboard signal processing



Sensor Technology and Multimodal Data Fusion

  • Integration of vital sensors
  • Data fusion and multimodal data analysis



Subject Studies for Automotive Health

  • Evaluation of Driver Monitoring Systems
  • Individual study design
  • Multiple modalities for data acquisition
  • Transparent data analysis


Automotive Lab – our Infrastructure

Automotive Lab
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With our specific laboratories we offer ideal test and development environments for the realization of solutions for the automotive industry:

  • Driving simulators - fully equipped with cameras, lighting and systems for multimodal biosignal acquisition.
  • Medical reference systems and network to medical experts, e.g. for cardiology and sports medicine
  • Infrastructure for compliance with confidentiality requirements

Research and Projects on AI-based Technologies for Driver Monitoring Systems


SEMULIN – natural, multimodal interaction for automated driving

Development of a self-supporting natural human-machine interface for automated driving using multimodal input and output modes including facial expressions, gestures, gaze, and speech.


Comprehensible Artificial Intelligence

In the project group Comprehensible AI, we develop methods for explainable machine learning in a cooperation of Fraunhofer IIS and the University of Bamberg.



Multimodal Database for Driver Condition Recognition

  • Database on overexertion while driving
  • Multimodal data collection
  • Balanced subject group

Motion Sensor Technology in Vehicle Seats

Miniaturized, capacitive textile sensor technology helps prevent posture problems