Driver Health Monitoring

Analysis of psycho-physiological reactions for Automotive Health

At Fraunhofer IIS we develop automotive health monitoring system solutions for driver monitoring recognizing human affects such as stress, emotions and fatigue. We focus on the real-time analysis of driver behavior at the wheel providing information on their emotional state and psycho-physiological reactions by using biomedical sensors, camera-based facial analysis and wearable technologies.

For this, we connect sensor data for different modalities (e.g. facial expressions, heart rate, data from the vehicle itself) and conduct subject-based studies in order to create comprehensive data sets for automotive health solutions.

Our services in driver health monitoring

  • We are an independent research institute with flexible network structures and in-house capacities
  • We have a extensive network of medical experts in psychology, cardiology and neurology
  • Full transparency – no black box: The client will receive all data as well as a scientific interpretation
  • We have long term experience in sensor development and integration as well as signal analyzing
  • We have a testing lab and a driving simulator with comprehensive equipment & reference systems for driver health monitoring

Our Portfolio


Analyzing psycho-physiological reactions in specific situations

Customized Studies for Automotive Health

We provide comprehensive subject-based studies with focus on the client’s individual aim and requirements.


Measuring Psycho-physiological data on the emotional state of mental overload

Multimodal Datasets for Driver Monitoring

We create an extensive database of psychophysiological data on the state of mental overload.


Ballistocardiogram, multi sensor data fusion and analysis

Multi Sensor Fusion for Driver Health Monitoring

The fusion of multimodal data provides information on characteristics such as fatigue, stress, attention and other physical conditions of an individual.

Products and Technologies


SHORE® Drive

The SHORE© Drive simulator analyzes driver behavior at the wheel in real time and provides information on their emotional state (e.g. stress, fatigue).  


Real-time, anonymized facial and facial
expression analysis


Our face detection and analysis software SHORE® forms the basis for many application scenarios in which it is important to get information about moods.


SEMULIN – natural, multimodal interaction for automated driving

Development of a self-supporting natural human-machine interface for automated driving using multimodal input and output modes including facial expressions, gestures, gaze, and speech.


Integrated vital sensors

Adaptation and integration of sensor systems for specific target groups and application scenarios



AI-based multimodal data analysis

Use of AI-based methods for signal analysis from multimodal parameters (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate), anamnesis data and laboratory findings from other disciplines


AI-based analysis of biosignals from wearables

Using AI-based algorithms, analyze and process biosignals quickly, reliably, energy-efficiently and without motion artifacts