Multimodal Driver Drowsiness Detection with SHORE® Drive

Driver Monitoring System ensures Safe Driving in all Situations

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The SHORE© Drive simulator analyzes driver behavior at the wheel in real time and provides information on their emotional state (e.g. stress, fatigue). It works by fusing data from the integrated facial recognition software, physiological signals measured by wearables, and data from the vehicle itself. Using the driver monitoring system SHORE© Drive can significantly improve safety on the roads.

Advantages of the Driver Monitoring Sytem SHORE® Drive

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SHORE Drive Board
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  • Displays data in real time
  • Offers offline processing
  • Processes data in embedded systems
  • Uses low-power hardware
  • Supports new service concepts (“automotive health”)
  • Adapts automatically to lighting conditions (e.g. IR cameras)

Our simulator for driver drowsiness detection provides the perfect environment to quickly test new approaches and algorithms for their suitability for use on the road. In the test scenario, users also have access to all data already available from real-life applications. This includes real-time facial recognition, non-contact acquisition of physiological data, evaluation of wearables and use of metainformation from the car (steering behavior, GPS, etc.).

The overall system enables fast and straightforward validation of next-generation driver observation systems.

Evaluation of Multimodal Sensors in the Vehicle Interior

  • Driver drowsiness detection (fatigue, distraction, stress)
  • Occupant analysis (information such as age/gender of all vehicle occupants is recorded; e.g. warning in the event a child is left behind)
  • Well-being (emotional analysis)

At the core of the driver monitoring system is SHORE© analysis software, which uses state-of-the-art machine learning approaches to provide information about the driver and other vehicle occupants. This data (emotional state, age, gender, vital parameters, etc.) is used to assess the driver’s condition and the passengers. To this end, the fusion of multimodal data provides information on characteristics such as fatigue, stress, attention and other physical conditions.

Such systems serve, first and foremost, as a safety device on the road. Today, as autonomous driving (partially autonomous driving) evolves, it is especially important to ensure that the driver intervenes at the right time if required. This, in turn, requires the system to be able to accurately assess the condition and availability of the driver at all times. A further benefit is the automatic and adaptive control of convenience features in cars and trucks, which can thus be customized to suit the needs of the driver.

Thanks to its user-specific programming and convenience features, SHORE© Drive delivers an improved driving experience and increased safety when driving! We look forward to your call or email.


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