SHORE® Face Detection and Analysis Software – Empathy for your Technology

Human facial expression says more than words. As a tool of our feelings, it transmits both conscious as well as unconscious emotions. Our facial expressions can underline verbal statements or contradict them.

In order to make exactly these unconscious or contradictory emotional expressions recognizable, software-supported analysis of facial expressions can be an important component in your system, especially in application areas where authentic and spontaneous user reactions are required.

SHORE® Face Detection and Analysis Software – Implementation
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Using scientifically sound and highly efficient AI algorithms, the software library SHORE® offers anonymized analysis and evaluation of faces, while maintaining data privacy.

One of the SHORE® puzzle pieces does not exactly meet your needs?

  • As an institute for research and development, we are exactly the right contact for customer-specific developments. Please feel free to contact us about your individual requirements! We welcome (new) challenges.
  • In case you encounter obstacles when integrating SHORE® despite a well-documented API, we will provide you with advice and support.
SHORE® measurement accuracy

SHORE® Face Detection: Fast, Robust and in Real-Time

  • Robust detection of basic emotions and estimation of gender and age even under difficult lighting conditions and IR
  • Deployment on low-power hardware
  • Platform-independent software library (SDK)
  • No cloud service, no internet connection required
  • 100% protection of your privacy, no identification of persons

SHORE® – Application Areas


Use Case

Marktforschung & Product Testing

Ausspielung kundenspezifischer Werbeeinblendungen, geeignete Produktplatzierung und zielgruppengerechte Produktentwicklung mit SHORE®  


Use Case

Gaming & Usability Tests

Product Testing für das bestmögliche Spielerlebnis und maßgeschneiderte Spielmechanik  


Use Case


Ausgestaltung des eLearnings Angebots unter Berücksichtigung der Userreaktionen


Use Case


Mit SHORE® das Fahrerverhalten am Steuer in Echtzeit analysieren, um Rückschlüsse auf dessen emotionalen Zustand (z. B. Stress, Müdigkeit) zu gewinnen.

Project Example

Social Human-Machine-Interaction

SEMULIN - natural, multimodal interaction for automated driving


Use Case

SHORE® Medicine

SHORE® im Einsatz im Bereich Assisted Living, Autismus und bei der Schmerzerkennung